Another reconstructive foot surgery ...

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    Echo been thinking about you, great to see you! Good to hear about the improvement in your right foot, bad to hear about the toe though. I know it's hard but keep up with them exercises, having feet is no good to you if you never use them :) .
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    Sorry this is happening for a long time. Will pray Echo.
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  3. Echodelta

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    Thanks. Yeah, I've been busy not just dealing with my feet. There's been other issues I choose not to discuss. But I also forgot about my elbow. It still hasn't healed 100%. Even last month I got another cortisone shot in it because it continues to have pain & issues. It now makes this dull "pop" that occurs when I bend it that causes even more pain if I continue. It never popped prior to last year's operation. I have this feeling that it needs another operation too :( I'm returning to my doctor to have it examined again in the first week of July.

    One thing I haven't really shared much is physical therapy. In 4 years, I've worked with 4 different physical therapists at 3 different clinics. Each physical therapist has had this look of hopelessness and have basically said this, "I don't know what to do with you. I feel anything I do will only cause more pain." This caused them to provide rather easy therapy sessions. Early on, I decided that if I wanted any progress, it began with the ability to push past the pain. In fact, early on, I took Switchfoot's song, "I Dare You to Move" and made it my anthem. I even added this to the title, "Even When It Hurts, I Dare You to Move." Like I said, every day, I try to do something to benefit progress and while it makes the pain worse, I still believe it's beneficial.

    Also I never discussed the doubters, or in today's vernacular, the haters. I have them; former friends, church members and even family members who doubt my claims of pain. Many think I fake it. Admittedly, this causes anger and I often say, "Don't walk in my shoes, try walking with my feet." I rarely think about that, only when confronted with it.

    It's been one painful journey. I've always relied on the Lord to carry me through it. I also have to thank the people at CGA and CCGR. Thank you again for the support and prayers.
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    Dealing with a 100% disability I know where you are coming from on the doubters. Too often people speak without thinking and say unwise, hurtful things and learning to deal with that takes a lot of prayer to take it with grace and peace. Will continue for the Lord to bless you even through this awful time.
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    Doubting your pain never crossed my mind and I don't know why anyone who has seen your feet would, they are very clearly damaged.

    If it was me I'd choose to believe I'm so tough and manly the true pain doesn't show, because I am, right? >.> <.< :p .

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