Finished my first python game!

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It's only tic-tac-toe so it's nothing super amazing the computer uses a random number gen to determine moves so its in no way challenging to play. But it was to me a practical exercise in learning to code.

My next phase will be creating a GUI for it, right now its just text based in the python Shell window. So that will be interesting. Does anyone else do programing? I'm doing Python because its free once, and has some great free resource like Blender for 3D and such eventually I'd like to do C# and do perhaps a mobile app of some sort.
You'll find a few programmers in here. I do programming for work (and some "business"-type side projects), but nothing in the realm of gaming or graphics. If you have a back-end design question, I might be of use, but other than that, you'll probably need to look elsewhere.

If you're thinking about C#, you might want to check out for a free copy of Visual Studio.


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I'm a programmer - though right now I'm stuck in the swirling darkness that is MS SharePoint at work which means I'm mostly relegated to html and javascript.

For a decent, free game framework you might check Microsoft's XNA (C#). I built a test game of my own using a tutorial to give me the basics and expanding to create what I was looking for. I thought I had posted it up here but I can't seem to find it. Anyway, the link is here:!471&authkey=!AI4togTHCnB9PVE&ithint=file,.zip