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Welcome to Warframe Chapter Forums!

In Warframe, you are a space ninja warrior who just woke up after centuries of slumber. With Lotus as your guide, you reawaken and fight enemies from different factions that threaten the Solar System. Pick up your guns and blades, and dare to bullet jump through your missions! Go further down the rabbit hole, and you'll soon discover who you really are...

I am Soulivium, a Rank 24 Warframe PC player as well as the founder/warlord of the Heralds of the Sanctuary clan. Join me and a handful of folks to experience Warframe's ambitious story, unique world, and good old fashioned third-person farming shooting and slashing!

I'm usually on Warframe almost every night somewhere between the hours of 9pm to 11:59pm CST.

If you are a new player who's just starting out, feel free to hit me up in CGA's Discord chat (same alias: Soulivium) and let's go!