How to identify and eliminate evil spirits from my house?

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  1. silverleaf

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    I know the title sounds rather incredulous, and up till now, nothing has happened, or the Lord has protected me, likely both.
    I'm wondering about the possibility of anything staying behind.
    Sure, we've redecorated the place with Christian items, but worried about 'stuff' from the previous generations of folks who have come and gone. Was rented out to international students so I have no idea what they were involved in.

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  2. Abea

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    So, I have had two houses where I KNEW there were spiritual attachments in them. I could sense it, can't describe it though. I guess the best way is kind of like knowing when someone is standing behind you without having to turn around? It doesn't necessarily mean "spirits" are in the house. And I'm not sure of all the Christianese, Technical Terminology etc on this, so bear with me.

    I will just say "spirits" but really it doesn't mean something you can see, like it's not a ghost. It's more of a nature of something. It's the reason we are told not to hang out with those that do evil things because we can find ourselves doing them as well. And sometimes, like in a house, there can be a lingering spirit left behind, like strife, discord, etc.

    The BEST thing to do: If you are attending a church find some people gifted in intercessory prayer and ask them to come over and pray and anoint the house. They should be able to "sense" what needs to be prayed for when they get there. Believe me, it can be freaky the things they will know about the place, especially when they have to do with you or someone else who has lived there. For instance, they came to our house and went into the bedroom that used to be my step-daughters. She was in to some things that just weren't good. These people did not know her, didn't know she had ever lived there, didn't know anything about her but when they prayed, you'd have thought they had been in the room with her when she lived there!

    There were 6 people that came over, plus my husband, my son, and myself prayed over our house. When we were outside, two of them stopped by one part of our house, and said they felt a strong sense there. Then later, two other people were standing in our Kitchen and said the same thing. Then we went downstairs, and some of the men went in the back and when they came out they said the same thing. UNKNOWN TO THEM, each of them had picked the same spot of the house. These people had NEVER been in our house or our yard before.

    Anyway, they can also use some oil (doesn't have to be anointing oil, just prayed over, consecrated oil) over the door frames and windows (basically the openings). There is also a thing about salt - don't know where it is in the Bible, but they sprinkled salt down to indicate a consecration of ground as being holy.

    If the people you get are REALLY intercessory prayer people, they should also sense any objects that may have attachments to them. When they prayed at our house, the one guy had his back to this one area and he said, I'm sensing something over here shouldn't be here. One of the other people said, me too, I think it's this, and picked up this knick knack and said, I think it's this. There were like 7 items there, but they both agreed on this one. Later, my husband told me that he had gotten that knick knack from the brother of a woman he had cheated on his previous wife with! He just had never gave it any thought. Consider some of the "stuff" you have and what spiritual attachments it may have on it.

    If you can't do that, then get some good solid Christian friends to come over and pray over the house with you. Make sure you pray over yourselves before you begin. My kids and I read about something in God Chasers (you can read about it here pgs 102-104. We actually did this. We wrote scripture references on four stakes and drove them into the ground at the corners of the house. There were many changes after that. Or you could do the oil thing as well.

    Another thing I do to kind of keep it cleaned out is I play these two songs and put my whole heart into them. I know, seems corny but who cares - I enjoy it.

    CeCe Winans: Out of My House (Lyrics)

    Cece Winans- Holy Spirit Come Fill This Place

    Sometimes, you just have to keep praying over it. You might drive out one spirit, and then discover another one. AGAIN I am not talking about GHOST type spirits. I think if there is a manifestation of an actual spirit, you should get a Pastor or Intercessory Prayer "Warrior" involved. Like you said, God's "SWAT" team. But that doesn't sound like what you are describing above.

    There are a lot of "spirits" described in the Bible (ie Spirit of bondage (Romans 8:15); Spirit of fear (II Timothy 1:7); Spirit of slumber (Isaiah 29:10, Romans 11:8; Spirit of error (I John 4:6); etc).

    NONE OF THIS, Repeat NONE OF THIS - is something I got from the scriptures based on any study I have done myself, personally. I have trusted those who have actually done spiritual warfare and studied it. I mean a couple of these people have actually had experiences such as those in the Bible with casting demons out. In my last house, we had people pray over it twice. The second group told us to sell the place just because of the feelings they had in it. I've since moved and I can tell you, my life changed dramatically. There was a spirit of strife and oppression in that place and since leaving, those are gone from my son's and my life. It was kind of like being on edge all the time, but not really know it, but know it at the same time. You know?? hahaha! That is completely gone. HOWEVER, the person still living in the house, is still on edge all the time. Coincidence? I don't believe so.

    This is NOT a stupid question, just not something a lot of people want to actually realize exists or are ashamed to talk about.

    Just remember:

    Matthew 28:18-20= Jesus has all power and He will always be with you.
    1st John 4:4= Jesus, who is in you, is more powerful than Satan.

    NONE of the things I mentioned above actually get's rid of anything. The oil, stakes, music, etc, they are just outward signs, "physical symbols marking a spiritual declaration and demarcation line" (God Chasers, page 102). The only real power comes from God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, aside from the trinity - there is no power. But with THAT power on your side, who needs anything else! lol

    God luck and may GOD be with you!
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  3. Patriot

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    I'm not aware of anywhere in the Bible where it mentions inanimate objects being "possessed" or indwelt by spirits. I would also be extremely hesitant to use any object (Christian or otherwise) as a ward against evil spirits. God is our ward, we need nothing else.

    Regardless, I offer the following:
    1 John 4:4 - You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.
  4. silverleaf

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    Nothing except God is the ward. But having Christian objects doesn't do any harm, just to symbolize that this is God's territory.

    Now how do I tell if there's anything in my house or not?
  5. Lloren

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    True and good verse you quoted as well. I've always wondered about the headcovering mentioned by Paul as "sign for angels". We don't want to extrapolate to much from this, but there is a link to the physical world and spiritual world.

    The Bible has real spiritual power. It's just ink on dead wood, but the Word of God is life. Same with communion, it's wine and bread, but it does embody a spiritual significance that we likely won't fully grasp in our lifetime.
  6. Patriot

    Patriot Active Member

    The harm would be if you started to rely on those objects to protect you as opposed to God. One needs to be careful not to turn objects into idols. Not saying you are, just saying we need to be careful.

    I haven't a clue. I tend to assume that demons roam about as they will in my house, car, workplace, and anywhere else I might be. I need not terrified of them as they cannot touch me unless God allows it.
  7. silverleaf

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    Hmm believe someone at church (prolly a pastor cant remember was a long time ago) once told us one story to be careful about what you buy and pick up... someone bought a belt from thailand and got possessed or something.

    Yeah like how the Isrealites worshipped the snake rod thing? Don't worry nothing like that :p It's just to symbolize this is a Christian home and I don't want no nonsense from you satan get out b4 God pwns you... oh wait He already did.

    Well the 'divine shield' wears off once you sin doesn't it? Or that's what I'm told. Once you sin, they have free reign. And I'm sure it's just a matter of time before you sin again... God is always faithful but His back is turned during that moment... it's enough. The biblical reference is in old testament though, before the Holy Spirit I presume. Something about the Isrealites being defeated by their enemies when their enemies enticied them with foreign women when they were conquering the promised land. No divine shield, enter combat against a superior enemy, predictable results.

    And even if they can't do anything, I don't want them near me, much less in my own house, to whisper things in my ear.
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  8. Patriot

    Patriot Active Member

    Be careful about believing stories without some evidence backing them up. You don't know if the belt was possessed, the person was/became possessed, or if there was a possession at all.

    Nothing happens without God allowing it to happen. God sought me out while I was still dead and wallowing in my own sin. He knows when I will mess up and how I will mess up in the future. I cannot surprise him by doing something unexpected. He may "chasten" me to purge a sin from my life but he does not surrender me to the enemy to be lost forever. I am sealed, through the blood of his Son, till the day of redemption.

    I find my own flesh does plenty of whispering. Lousy sinful nature. . .
  9. Abea

    Abea Tribe of Judah Social Media Manager

    Ok, not sure I will address all this in order but here goes.

    o How do you know if they are there? Well, they are. Angels/Demons are everywhere. But again, if you have "demons" in your house, that would be something you shouldn't 'tackle' on your own. As you described it originally, it didn't seem like you meant that. I think you would just know. It might be a feeling, or it might be a sensation. You just know that you know.

    o I don't know about objects being possessed. What I referred to is an attachment. Maybe it's more like a demon following an object or staying with it? I don't know what to call it.

    For example: When we rode in my husband's car, we would fight all the time, it was a given. If we were in my car, it didn't happen. When the people came to pray over our house and property, they walked all over the place outside. There was only one person there that knew who's car was who's, again, they knew nothing about us. We had three cars at the time, mine, my sons, and my husbands. So they are walking around, and when they came to his car, they all stopped. The one man said to my son, "Is this your car?" And he told him it wasn't. He said, he felt a spirit of strife on the car, like there had been a lot of arguing in it. Another lady said she felt the same thing, as well as a lot of unhappiness and anger. When they each prayed over the vehicle, you would have thought they had ridden with us in it. They prayed such specific stuff it made the hairs on my arms stand up! Was the car possessed - no, I don't believe so. However, there was a spiritual attachment to it.

    I can tell you several of stories like this, not just happening in my life, but a varied of people's lives. Honestly, until it happened to me, I didn't believe it, nor that it could happen.

    o As far as using an object as a ward against evil spirits, I don't think that's a good idea either. Like hanging a cross up isn't really going to do anything. An object is just an object. Eat bread with a meal and it really has no significance. Eat it as part of the sacraments of communion and it takes on a lot of significance. The one example I'll site from the Bible was Passover, putting the blood of the lamb over the door way. The blood didn't do anything, it was the obedience, the act, the meaning that was significant. It's the same thing with using oil or driving in the stakes. You can't just go out and throw some stakes in the ground, or throw some oil up over the doors. When Jesus put mud or spit on someone's eyes, or told people to dunk themselves, it wasn't the objects that did anything, it was the act of obedience, the steps of faith, that proved their belief in Jesus. The Bible is full of symbols being used, holding up a branch, filling vessels with water, blowing horns, eating bread and drinking wine, building monuments, everything in the temples. Here's one solid example of using oil to sanctify something:

    They anointed their garments and they were sanctified and made holy.

    We also know things can bring along curses
    Accursed here means devoted to destruction; and to have anything to do with it is the way to entail a curse, and bring to everlasting ruin and destruction.

    In Acts 19:19 the early believers who practiced in dark things got rid of their books.

    There's actually quite a bit in the Bible in regards to using objects both for Holy purposes and for evil purposes.

    All I know is what I know and have seen in my own life. If you aren't feeling comfortable, you don't need know anything more than that. Just have some people come and pray over the house. It can be a good thing no matter what. Prayer is powerful. As far as putting up Christian things, they aren't going to mean anything without some kind of act behind them. It's kind of like taking a loaf of bread and some grape juice and sitting them out on the table - it means nothing.

    o The divine shield thing ... never heard of that. God is ALWAYS in control - In the Bible He's saved nasty people from stuff and He's let some really great people suffer. Take the stoning of Stephen for example, Stephen died and then later Saul/Paul gets converted and writes half the NT?? What's up with that? It's all a matter of what is in His will, regardless of whether you've sinned recently or not. With that being said, I believe we open ourselves up to the working of evil in our lives by walking in a sinful manner. And most sinful actions tend to have a consequence associated with them.

    No matter what, if we are walking with God in a righteous manner, we have the Power of God within us. Jesus said we would do greater things than He did. We have dominion on this earth - not satan. God gave dominion to Adam and Eve and they lost it and Jesus gave it back. We have the right to take dominion of our homes and tell demons they are not allowed in them BUT, and here's the big BUT it's all done in JESUS CHRIST's NAME. Without Christ, we are just flapping our jaws and making things oily. ;)
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  10. silverleaf

    silverleaf New Member

    >OK just a clarification I DON'T THINK THERE ARE THINGS IN MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW. I'm just saying it's a possibility. Even if they CANNOT do anything but lurk, I don't want that happening. So I'm just asking what I can do to make sure they don't come. And also how to tell if they are already here. Sure there's the classic horror story signs, and the feeling that 'something just isn't right'. Wayyy too late then, they are already here.

    Need them at least a kilometer from my doorstep.
  11. Puddleyc

    Puddleyc New Member

    Silverleaf... as a brother man, I think you've been duped. Yeah, demons are legit, but really? A belt from Thailand and you can get possessed? Preachers(bad ones) use that kind of stuff for scare tactics. And you shouldn't necessarily need "Christian" items to mark "God" territory. Every inch of anything is God's. It's what we use if for that corrupts or glorifies the territory. And a divine shield... hmm... God's graces and mercies are good man. Just because you sin does not mean that God takes his "shield"(arms would be the better word) from around you. God will not forsake his people. This would be a slap in the face. Like I said, demons are legit, but if you are right with God, there is NO need to be afraid. You're being watched by Someone who is greater than ANY demon or satan himself.

    Dun' worry, and be happy brah. If you're truly saved and doing everything you can do to glorify God, you shouldn't have a worry in the world. :)
  12. Neirai the Forgiven

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  13. tgvern

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    I have said a prayer when I visit a church member's home to bless it...that's as far as I have gone, and really as far as I would go.
    Endowing items with our faith, instead of the power and authority of Jesus Christ is a mistake; I understand your concerns, but I think this is a dangerous path to tread.
    As far as protecting our homes, we should stand in holy places, and to try to make our homes holy places. We can do this by keeping the spirit with us, by saying our prayers, reading the scriptures, and by focusing our thoughts on Heavenly Father.
    The other stuff is a little spooky and reminds me of Ghostbusters or something like it.:)
  14. Abea

    Abea Tribe of Judah Social Media Manager

    I don't see it as endowing items with our faith. It is an outward act of and inward belief. Jesus did similar things. He didn't always just speak and make things happen. Several of his miracles required outward actions. I don't think he really needed mud, spit, a river, etc to perform the miracle. Even water baptism is just an outward sign of an inward decision, there's nothing special about the water. He didn't have a problem with the woman anointing him, again, nothing special about the item, it was an outward sign of an inward feeling. And the OT is full of commands by God that required items in order to accomplish something.

    I don't believe you NEED any of the items. And I don't believe that just hanging a cross, a picture of the last supper, a picture of Jesus on the cross, etc, is the same either. I know several none believers who have those things. It's about what's in the heart and what you are believing when you perform the action. I do think it's important to have others with you though.

    I'm kind of in a rush out of here or I would list a bunch of scriptures to illustrate these things. I'm sure anyone who is interested would be able to find them though. If I have a chance later, I'll add them here.
  15. ewoksrule

    ewoksrule Active Member

    Have you ever been to a 3rd world country? Once you get outside of the USA it gets a lot more intense then just pray and read. I have visited countries where demon possession runs rampant and it makes ghostbusters look like winnie the pooh.

    I wouldn't dismiss a detailed response to this issue if your experience is limited to the US only. Satan has this nation on lockdown with all of its materialism but once you head to countries where the average income is $1 a day you can find Satan at work through different tactics. Sometimes large and very "showy" demon possessions.
  16. Abea

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    Clicks "like" on ewoksrule's comment.
  17. Kyrel Ruth

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    Here's a little video that talks of some main points from scripture that show open windows and doors to demons: Pastor Mark Driscoll

    Hope this helps.
  18. awake

    awake New Member

    RE: Mark Driscoll.

    I agree with some of the people who posted on this thread earlier: You've been duped. Items that have any spiritual significance are cease to be items, they are idols. Also, I would be careful about investing too much time into Mark Driscoll, as he's been very closely affiliated with Rick Warren, contemplative spirituality, Calvinism and eastern mysticism.

    All of these things are not scriptural.

    As some food for thought brother, I would encourage you to remember that it is more prudent to take what you get out of reading scripture vs. reading things on to scripture. It's a subtle but profound difference that separates the cogent conclusions rooted in sound doctrine from apostasy.
  19. Lloren

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    <start of offtopic>

    I love how you grouped these like things together. Like ground beef and apples. :) Not that I agree. I would love to debate the points of Calvinism with you, but this is likely not the time or space to do it in.

    <end of offtopic>

    Does the Bible back you up on this one? Does communion, the ten commandments on stone, the ark of the covenant, the temple or many others have no spiritual significance? Or are you saying that many things may have spiritual significance, but can be made into idols because we are wicked and sinful and prone to wander?
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  20. Abba San

    Abba San Legacy of Elijah [LoE] - Proud Grandfather

    Correct - another thread - but any one of the items would be an interesting topic of discussion. I didn't get the connection between the items either.

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