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  1. Tek7 (Legacy)

    Tek7 (Legacy) CGA & ToJ President

    Moderator's Note: The list of Christian World of Warcraft guilds has been moved to this thread.

    If you know of other guilds, please post the relevant information here.

    I am closing this thread in order to consolidate the information into the above threads.
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  2. Tek7 (Legacy)

    Tek7 (Legacy) CGA & ToJ President

    *bump* I'm guessing there are more Christian WoW guilds out there.

    I don't have the info on Counselor's new guild, so Counselor, if you could post it, that'd be great.
  3. Talaeryn

    Talaeryn New Member

    Servants of Faith - Horde - Khaz Modan (no website that I am aware of)
  4. Mythor

    Mythor New Member

    Creations of the Light

    Creations of the Light [Alliance] - Stormrage

    We are a medium sized guild now, with about 40 members. We are "Casual" gamers, so we don't require members to sign up for raids and instances, but we do have a core group that games regularly, and we try and run an instance or two per week as time allows. Usually the core group of lvl 40-50 will run an instance of their level one night and help the lvl 20-40 members out another night each week.

    We are simply a group of people striving to create a relaxing family-like atmosphere that we can all enjoy and encourage each other through.
  5. Pelagrin

    Pelagrin Member

    Also on Stormrage Alliance,

    A small family friendly guild with Christian members. I don't think we're restricting to Christians only though.
  6. Lygernight

    Lygernight New Member

    I also am attempting to start a Christian Horde Guild on Illidan: Order of Misfits.

    Still debating the "Christians only" decision. Our website is still "in progress" but once available it will allow space not only for our guild, but other guilds if they have no other place to establish a website. It will also have blog space to set up too, again still in progress though.
  7. Malohaut

    Malohaut Moderator

  8. Tek7 (Legacy)

    Tek7 (Legacy) CGA & ToJ President

  9. jokitaylor

    jokitaylor Banned


    Greetings as guild elder of ASK, I want to formally thank you for allowing us to be a part the guilds listed.

    ASK stands for ASK - SEEK - KNOCK, which we of course begins everyone's journey of faith. Those who truly seek can only end up in one place, before the throne of grace, of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Our guild does not adverstise on the WoW forums, and we are not really trying to "promote" our guild. We are confident that the Lord will bring the right people our way in His timing.

    The burden of the guild is to see Christians grow in their faith, by doing daily Scripture meditation, and memorization, as well as a healthy prayer life.
    We strongly believe in accountability and knowing each other beyond the casual hello how are you today kind of catchphrase that permeates our Christian culture.

    Our heart is also burdened for the 5 million + gamers that are a part of the World of Warcraft. This means developing relationships with people who do not know the Lord and being ready to point them to their need of a Saviour. WIthout Christ there is only hell and eternal separation from God. We will not sugar coat it, nor are we ashamed of our Saviour.

    Of course realistically this is a game so we intend of also having fun building each other up in the body of Christ. To make it clear, anyone from all walks of life is welcome in our fellowship - just as someone is allowed to bring a non-believer to church. Non-believers are not second class citizens but obviously just as hopefully a true bible believing church would affirm, they cannot be in any kind of leadership.

    We would appreciate your prayers in these days as we seek to please the Lord with what we do.

    Thank you for giving us a place to share our heart,

    May the Lord bless you as you seek to honour Him in the way you game,

    Athawen - Guild Elder of ASK
  10. Scabrat

    Scabrat New Member

    I would like to add my guild to this list Were open for casual gaming. We are not on that often but we do play when we can. :D

    Troop Agape

    server: Uther

    /t Pusha, Carmelita ; Ceicei
  11. ElbowGrease

    ElbowGrease New Member

    Silver Moon

    I want a Christian Guild on the silvermoon server. Please let me know if there is one.
  12. Toomeedom

    Toomeedom New Member

    Looking for guild

    Am looking for a Christian oriented or family oriented horde guild on Medivh. Player name is Chrusos.
  13. Silentfae

    Silentfae New Member

    *smiles and waves*
    Hello everyone!
    My husband and I were searching for a Christian guild to join, and we came across this thread and board. Not seeing a guild for our server we decided to start one of our own.

    WWJD - Shadow Council(RP realm)

    Thought you might like to add it to your list :cool:

    Look forward to seeing you all on the other threads!
  14. Tek7 (Legacy)

    Tek7 (Legacy) CGA & ToJ President


    If you know of a Christian WoW guild not listed in this thread, please post about it here.
  15. Pelagrin

    Pelagrin Member

    Creations of the Light started a horde guild on the PvP server, Dunemaul. The guild name there is Gankers United. You can visit COTL's website for info. (
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  16. Lcoura12

    Lcoura12 New Member

    I am looking to find a Christian Guild on the realm of Alexstraza. Are there any?
  17. replikation

    replikation New Member

    I'm starting a christian horde guild on Stonemaul called Flatline. I'm just coming to wow from lineage 2 where i've been for a few years lol... so yah... horde on this server are way outnumbered and we'll have a chance to play against the Redeemed guild which i think will be lots of fun! so if you're looking for a challenge then hit me up. If anyone is interested in co-founding the guild along with myself then let me know. my char in game is Jomalik
    email is
  18. Tolmiros

    Tolmiros New Member

    I had started a guild on Stormrage called 'Christian Brotherhood'. Apparently this is in violation of Blizzards ToS and my guild name was arbitrarily changed without prior notification or contact.

    Outrageous to say the least. I did a little research on the matter, however I would be interested in knowing if 1st amendmant rights are somehow restricted through a private business ToS. I should not think so, because, whether a private business are not, while operating in America... they are still under the juristiction of the US constitution.

    Any thoughts on this? A bit off topic I know, so please feel free to send any responses to '' regarding the matter, so this thread is not cluttered.

    Anyways, I disbanded the guild and am now in Creations of the Light. Nice people, come join us on Stormrage.
  19. Naglfarir

    Naglfarir New Member

    Searching for people to start Guild on Twisting Nether (EU server) an Alliance Guild

    Hello, I am wondering if there is anyone who wants too start a new Guild on the Twisting Nether eu server. It is a server with a low population which means it is going too grow when the expansion hits. If there is anyone that is interested please contact me here or on email

  20. theapoc

    theapoc New Member

    I played with Redeemed lastnight on my lvl 13 rogue and have decided I cannot play on that server anymore. My DSL connection is of real poor quality and with it (Stonemaul) being a West server doesn't help anything. I repeatedly drop connection once every 10 mins or so and it's highly annoying. I've played a bit on Lightning's Blade and haven't had a bit of trouble (eastern server). So I'm looking at "Illidan [Horde]: Order of Misfits" since it is on a central server and horde.
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