Interest in keeping the Tribe of Judah Minecraft server running?

Discussion in 'Minecraft Chapter Forum' started by Tek7, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Tek7

    Tek7 CGA President, Tribe of Judah Founder & President Staff Member

    Tribe of Judah currently pays $20.52 quarterly (so $6.84 a month) to rent a Minecraft server.

    I just logged in to check the player history and we've only had 9 players log in in the last year and only 3 log in this year so far (@BlockHeadLewie, M_i_t_c_h, and myself).

    Is there sufficient interest in keeping this server running to justify the cost or should we go ahead and shut it down?

    I'd like to have a decision by March 1, regardless of the outcome.

    I'd prefer if we keep the server running and invite folks back to the server, but if we do, I'll need active players and server operators to help keep things running.

    Funds aren't an issue as the rental cost is cheap and we have the funds.
  2. BlockHeadLewie

    BlockHeadLewie Moderator

    I myself am as active as "reality" allows and would enjoy seeing the server active again.
    However I believe this question is mainly posed at the mainstream community of CGA, but I have made my statement as a staff member.
  3. TDWfan

    TDWfan Member

    I don't really play on this server anymore; I play on a more active server with fans of a livestreamer. If ToJ was more active, I'd gladly join again, but I'm not looking for a single player world to play on.
  4. Dchsknight

    Dchsknight Tribe of Judah Minecraft Community Manager

    I guess I would say we need a operator who is not just gonna disappear on us. The world is still running on an old build of the game...

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