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Discussion in 'Visual Arts & Game Design' started by Box of Noodles, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Box of Noodles

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    Took a bit to find this thread again.

    People were interested, and I received alot of support the last time i shared this kind of stuff up here, so i figured I'll do it again with the current animations that I have completed for this semester at university.

    I had only one main animation course this semester; been wrapping up my animation courses alot over the past couple years. I spent a great deal of work and effort in developing this singular animation; it was my final project for my Motion Graphics course, and I spent around 2 focused months on it, clocking in around 125 hours working on it all. It serves as the pinnacle piece of my portfolio currently in my personal demoreel.

    but enough blathering. here's the link if you want to take a look!

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  2. BananaGirl

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    That was really good Noodles, and i'm not just saying that. it was really fun to watch :) Great job there (plus it helps that I like the music) I like the different looks each part of the song had and your timing was great, which is super important in any music video. I like it....another! ;)
  3. The Mighty Gerbil

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    No complaints on the timing and variation but I always look at art on an emotional level. Art, all art, is a means to convey through emotion. Bad art conveys poorly while good art engrosses and compels the consumer to think and or feel. Art may or may not tell a story per say but it wants to "feel" a certain way. It seems like you could do a more thematic approach to make it actually about something even if it's short unrelated cuts. After a while I didn't find myself curious as to what would happen next because it was all abstract, though if it was required to be abstract you've succeeded. If Chuck Jones can make an award winning story about a dot and line more could be done with the same resources. I suggest possibly more planing to determine where you want to take it before all the hard work goes in. Again no complaints on the technical level it could just be more engaging. Keep up the good work Noods!

    Edit: I did get a little bit of the sense the bouncing ball was playing then frolicking in the sea with his friends?
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  4. Box of Noodles

    Box of Noodles New Member

    very well.

    well, to provide a better explanation to the animation Gerbil, yes, it was meant to be incredibly abstract, though hardly required. using shapes to portray animation in various means was the overall thematic approach I began with coming into the animation; it's a type of style in motion graphics I prefer. it was not meant to capture a form of story in any structured method. but, each scene was meant to establish a different focus in what I had learned from the class. Scene 1 focused on establishing rhythm and tempo, and acted as an introductory scene. Scene 2 focused on using the 3D features of the program, and the cube was designed to be a type of 'lockbox', where each side served as a puzzle to be solved to eventually 'unlock' the 'cube'. Scene 3 was focused entirely on the theme of the principles of Animation; ease in and out, pose-to-pose, arcs, appeal, squash and stretch, anticipation, etc. The first half of scene 4 focused on utilizing the motion sketch feature of the program, using only the mouse to track the movements of the particle emitters. The second half of scene 3 focused on Screen transitions, and studied various types of ways to use shapes to transition a screen. And scene 5 focused on the use of dots and lines in different ways.

    So, while I could have elected to develop a more structured approach to the animation, my goal was to use each section of the music track to hone in on different elements of the animated workflow and tools provided for me, that I could use to showcase my skills.
  5. The Mighty Gerbil

    The Mighty Gerbil Tribe of Judah TF 2 Chapter Leader & CGA Admin Staff Member

    I got that and it does succeed in showing your technical skills which are good. I just didn't know if it's supposed to be compelling as well. The lights are expertly displayed but not particularly interesting, that's all. In spite of what people say emotion can sway people even if it's not supposed to be a factor in a grade. As long as it doesn't interfere with the technical showcase, the point of doing it, but is an addendum it could only make it better. Which is only what I'm doing giving advice to make it better. It also makes it more entertaining for anyone who you decide to show it to.

    Then again you could have a teacher who's a jerk and fails you for doing extra. I've had that happen a couple times on some typesetting jobs. I do exactly what they want, or at least what I think they want, then give them two or three extra versions which I think might look better, completely free of charge, and they get mad -_- . Seriously I only want to do my best for God in whatever I do and they think I'm trying to pull something.

    Edit: I mean the dot could be happily dancing like in the beginning then be locked up, struggle, and then break free. It would change little in the sequence of events or transformations. While the square at the end could be a rival. IDK maybe that's what you were going for?
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  6. Patriot

    Patriot Active Member

    Is it safe to assume that most of this was done in After Effects? I saw Photoshop listed and was wondering how much of the artwork you had to create in it and transfer to After Effects?

    Are you seeking critiques or are you just showcasing it?

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