"Narrow is the Way" - Randomized maze game.

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If anybody would like to help alpha test my game, "Narrow is the Way" please read on!

I'm not worried about you folks stealing my intellectual property, and if you do, you'll have your reward, and if you send me your address, I'll tailor up a cloak to send to you as well. ;) Just please don't share it outside of CGA.

Narrow is the Way
Make your way through the maze, and find the right door! But beware! "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." Many doors lead to destruction, but only one door is the path to the Truth!

The point of the game is to make your way through the maze, searching for the good doctrine door, which will restart the maze. It's not meant to be anything mind blowing, just a time waster, like solitaire or mine sweeper, but you get to read Scripture that affirms good doctrine, and rebukes bad doctrine and heresy.

-Arrow keys control camel's movement.
-R key resets the maze.
-Enter key closes the bad doctrine images.
-Enter key closes the camel image and restarts the maze.

Current Build:

Known Bugs:
-No title page.
-Music loop jumps on loop.
-Maze occasionally crashes due to data structure confusion in script.
-You can sometimes reach a door through a wall, if you walk the camel close to it, and turn it into the wall to reach the adjacent square.
-Camel keeps on moving when the bad doctrine image pops up.
-All bad doctrine and camel images are the same!
-The good door sometimes doesn't spawn.

Thanks for your help!
I've noticed on thing some times when walking right if you hit the wall and then try and go up you get stuck and have to do a down up or left up a couple times.

If I may critique the music I'd bring the volume of that middle eastern guitar thing down some, it did add the right feel to the game though.

I may check out this Game Studio for myself, I'm working on teaching myself Python because its free and all the resources are free. While most people would never choose python to really program a game in from what I read doesn't mean it can't be done. Eve Online is proof of that. But I heard it was a good beginner language.

It looks like the levels randomly generate which is pretty cool. Maybe you could add something to the maze like you have to walk 1 path push a block or flip a switch to open a path another way?


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I gave it a shot. Guess I don't have much patience and didn't even find the first gate out. All the gates I tried seemed to have the same doctrine applied to them. I think it would be more of a puzzler if you had to actually determine what doctrine was correct or not rather than just running randomly over each door. Other than that, nice start.
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Would be nice if I could edit the original post. is now released.
Includes 13 new correct door/good doctrine doors (those which finish and restart the maze) and 2 new bad doctrine doors (those that open and close, and you continue on with the maze). Many more bad doctrine doors to come.

Known Bugs:
-No title page.
-Music loop jumps on loop.
FIXED-Maze occasionally crashes due to data structure confusion in script.
-You can sometimes reach a door through a wall, if you walk the camel close to it, and turn it into the wall to reach the adjacent square.
SEMI-FIXED -Camel keeps on moving when the bad doctrine image pops up.
FIXED-All bad doctrine and camel images are the same!
FIXED? (let me know if it is still happening, please)-The good door sometimes doesn't spawn.
-Using "R" key to reset the maze often causes a crash.

kjub03: Thanks for collision bug. Music is in very rough state right now, my guy is working on it. I think CE3 uses Python? Or something else that starts with a P... Not sure if I'll make this game that difficult. It's mainly meant as something for anybody age 3+ or so.

Patriot: Thank you. I've thought about making it more of a puzzler, but that would raise the age requirement. It's something to think about though.
Thread starter #6 is now released.
-A total of 15 bad doctrine images and 15 reinforcing doctrine images.
-A title page has been added which allows you to choose the size of your maze. Only Large is currently working.
-The correct door now shows an animation of it opening to a bluish/white star, so you know how to find it in the maze, as well as if it has spawned for you or not. If it's not there press R.
-Pressing R can still sometimes crash the game. Some headway in the coding has been made, but it still happens from time to time..

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-Fixed the reset room crash bug. Reset with "R" key to your heart's content!
-Small and medium mazes are now available.
-More sounds!
-"Narrow is the Way" now has its own icon!
-Press Escape "ESC" to return to the main menu.

-The good doctrine door still sometimes does not spawn. This will be in the next big fix.
-Wind sound disappears as you hover over a room size button.

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Thread starter #8 is ready.
-Good doctrine door now always spawns, and will always be in the bottom right quarter of the maze.
-Bad doctrine doors will no longer spawn on top of the camel at the beginning of the maze.
-You can no longer reach a door through a wall.
-The camel no longer walks around while the bad doctrine image is open.

Things yet to do:
-Get music and wind to loop correctly, and not stop when another sound plays.
-More bad doctrine images and their rebuking verses.
-More reinforcing doctrine verses.

Let me know if you find anything that I've missed!