New Server Announcement!

I'm in the new server as Guest, been whitelisted on TOJ. How do I become Member on new server?

MC username: vaya_con_dios
There is a white list thread that is also stickied here. Once you check that out, the IP is at the top of this thread. We're still playing on 1.9.2 for the time being.

Edit: Hey, I remember you. I don't think you'll need to fill out the form or anything, but just bump it asking bl to readd you to the whitelist
hard to get on a server that is down a lot. So... any reason it's down a lot? Is this on your laptop BL? HAHA! Either way, I'll practice patience, but sometimes I feel like SpongeBob (is that still relevant), not the best example to follow.
@77mitch, and I still play on the server, just for all yall's information.

Well, he mostly afks at his mob grinder for days at a time, but his base is mighty impressive. :p
I only afk while at work or overnight. Any longer that and the number of skeletons that stack up would kill my computer. As it is, it slows to a crawl after 8-9 hours of the them piling up. On the up side, I usually gain about 30 levels or so when I'm finally done with them. If I'm not at the skeleton farm I'm sitting at my iron farm building up my stockpile. If anyone needs iron, I've got some saved up. A lot easier than mining for it, lemme tell you.
I am glad to hear things are again working for MCA! (Minecraft Adicts)
Now all I need is some reliable internet access! I can't imagine that I should need to request access, I had already been whitelisted before. I'll get on ASAP and stake a claim.
I've grown addicted to islands and/or jungle myself...
um, is my mind growing older than I want?
I could have sworn I saw something about a restart on a new server?
Where is everybody? Am I missing something, or is Satan playing tricks with my mind??
Yes, the MC server will be reset. But only when I have all the plugins for 1.13 to run it the same as before. Of which will not happen for a while.