Please pray for BlockHeadLewie

His laptop is shot and he's pretty down right now..

"Okies the title tells you my heart, let me share my life:
I can't seem to get ahead!
I'm right in the middle of a group adventure and *pop* my laptop dies! Can't get it to even turn on! I have a neighbor who knows more about computers than I know about myself and he's going to look at it tomorrow.
Already lost my main computer (mother board hit by lightning) so right now I'm basically reduced to my phone.
Please pray that the title of this thread remains true and solid in my life because after about 2 hours of trying to log back in I began to not only have doubts, but I was honestly crying.
I don't want to give up! I must finish the race!
Thank you."

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I hope he can get one of them fixed :) .

I didn't know CCGR knew BlockHeadLewie hmmm, relation?, party member?, battle buddy? Gerbil ponders.


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Been praying for Lewie. Wish my back pay would come in so that I could pass some of the blessing on.
Thank you ALL for your prayers! I'm not actually an old man yet, but it does take me some time to understand modern technology! May my phone never die!
Thought I'd mentioned CCGR (Prism) somewhere in my introduction? Sorry if I missed it, excuse an old man, please?
I'm still waiting for my neighbor to get back in town. I'm truly sorry for being absent, but I hope it's not for long!
Thanks again and Peace!
Well I borrowed a computer for a couple of weeks, I should be ok for a while.
I am sorry I missed Friday's verse, or replying in time Ursen. I think it'll be ok now. Thanks!
And thank you all for your prayers! I'm sure they have something to do with my having access to a computer!
Now, where was I? I've a LOT of catching up to do ALL over the internet!