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Just so you guys know I've talked to her and she's not in a rush due to having family and is taking time off. A quick prayer is good as she does need a job but rotational prayer is probably overkill and time better spent on others with more immediate needs, at least for now. Thanks guys and I'll let you know if needs become more eminent :) !


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God answers what He knows is needed Gerbil.....sounds like she may have needed a break

So! I'm graduating seminary, but it's a seminary that has little to do with my denominational background or interest. There aren't a ton of resources here for me to get a church job, but I'm hunting a church job. Unfortunately, those aren't also available (at least in the paying capacity). Associated is the aim to relocate clear across the country.

Prayers for success in finding work, be it my intended employer type or otherwise, and successfully relocating would be greatly appreciated!
I'm hoping God has directed you in the place where HE wants you.

Blessings and Hugs,