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Discussion in 'General Discussion [cga]' started by Tek7, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. Tek7

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    This week was so. So. Very. Long.

    I'm at the very tail end of this miserable cold. I didn't take any time off work (and only burned ~7 hours of vacation time last week), but I was definitely not 100%. I'm back up to ~95% today. This was one stubborn sickness.

    Fortunately, work was relatively light--enough to stay busy, but not so much that I felt overwhelmed (which is especially good since I was recovering).

    This was my older daughter's spring break, so we took her out for pizza and games on Wednesday night. Much fun and pizza was had by all.

    My younger daughter and I stayed home from church on Sunday. :(

    Got a chance to catch up on some long, long overdue administrative tasks for Tribe of Judah. (Thanks to @The Mighty Gerbil for being patient with me. :))

    So yep, that was my week. Woo.
  2. The Mighty Gerbil

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    AH! You sicky stay away from me! Don't you know you can spread viruses through the internet! :p

    Random thought: You could read your daughter a Bible story on Sunday! The commandment is not to go to church Sunday it's "remember the sabbath and keep it holy". I think you said you watched Church online before too?
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