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  1. Atown

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    YEHA!!!! GO OLYMPICS!!!! \

    Its actually the only time I've gotten my wife to watch TV with me while we work on small projects around the house. Its soooo much fun!!!!!!!

    I love spending time with my wife that way where we're excited and hyped by watching excellence in people's professions and to watch God's children perform in such a way.

    Otherwise, this week was lame. I'm really pretty convicted on watching too much netflix and not enough work. Its been hard though because we're trying to change our business model to be more of a SAAS company so my old projects that I need to get done, just are not exciting......... and the clients are difficult to work with but have paid the bills.

    Really could use prayer and encouragement on it because I feel like I fail people and my family by avoiding the work.
  2. Atown

    Atown Christian Gamers Alliance Amazon Store Manager

    As a side note, this thread is now two years old ;)

    Admittedly, I'm still struggling, work has been hard to focus on. I watch HeavyArms a lot and I just have a hard time switching to work but then knowing i'm not interacting with him as much as i feel like i should so i feel guilty putting into a swing and hoping he sleeps.
    Though there were a alot of "I"s in that sentence... too....
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    Red Five is a year old and Fulcrum is pregnant with (placeholder code name) Newbie. I feel this way every time I go to the laundry room where my workspace is set up. It's odd because I get to spend more time with them than lots of people get to spend with their spouses and kids, but because I'm working in such close proximity, it makes me feel like I suck at being a spouse/parent when I have to go do work instead of help, talk, and play.

    All that to say... /brug

    Oh, and this week has been a kind of rough. Sunday, my wife and I both felt unanimously and unshakingly convinced that we're being called (by the Spirit to take up a church position in Houston. But we haven't heard back from the church all week. Meanwhile, I now know without doubt that my current contract work is running out in March. So... that's no fun. But trusting God. But still no fun.

    Yesterday, had our first sheep slaughtered. I paid close attention and forced myself to do so to determine if I think I could handle doing it myself down the road.

    Also yesterday, kitchen sink seal broke again (has gone bad at least once a month since we moved here because the components being used were... bad). Bought a new drain basket assembly today while at Walmart. During which shopping trip, thought I had some letters with checks in them stolen from my car. Turns out that they had just gotten lost in the snow here, but they were found after I'd already paid two $25 check cancellation fees with the bank.

    Oh. Snow pummeled us this week. So I went to run the ol' snowblower, and it stopped working.

    So yeah. It's been a week. And I feel like today is more a 'roid raging Monday than a Friday. No gusta.

    But "God's goodness is not dependent upon [my] circumstance." A good word from church a couple weeks ago. Been letting that one roll around in my head.
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  4. Tek7

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    It's posts like this that make me wish I was more vocal in the earlier years of my older daughter's life. The first 9 months were especially difficult because I was the primary caretaker of a small human after my wife went back to work shortly (6 weeks?) after giving birth. I had no idea what I was doing, I was doing it, for the most part, alone, and I had almost zero experience with kids because I was an only child and all my extended family was halfway across the country growing up (and even now).

    I've come to the conclusion that it never feels like you're spending enough time with your kids and that tension is a sign that you still care, which is good. You have to strike a balance, of course, but you also can't let things fall apart around you to spend every waking moment with your little ones.

    I've also come to the conclusion that the children never feel like you're spending enough time with them, either. They're tiny and they don't understand the AWFUL CRUSHING WEIGHT OF ADULT RESPONSIBILITY.


    I've also come to the conclusion that there's just never enough time. Speaking of which, kids and wife are home and I have to cut this post short. :|
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  5. Atown

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    hahaha, it's true.

    This week has been really rough being sick with a weird flu variant. To make things fun, we always buy a new game, within reason, to make being sick less of a drag and pass the time. this time we bought disgaea 2 instead of an AC game.

    Good decision in my humble, but accurate, opinion XD

    Syndicate really did not seem updated or better than unity so we opted for another game that was on steam sale.

    I did get some work done but I spent the entire week with HeavyArms so it was difficult. Got to watch some planet earth II which was interesting.....

    but, finally got some client work out of the way and almost done with two others that have been bogging me down hard core. looking forward to being done with a lot.

    focusing on a new saas product development with an team from india. they are microsoft Gold partners so It should go well.
  6. Tek7

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    I'm late, I'm late for a very important date thread!

    The last 2 weeks of work have been especially draining for various reasons, but mostly involving workload, being spread too thin across too many issues, and feeling as though I'm not equipped to do anything well (or, frankly, to even get it done). Losing 2 team members in rapid succession has had a serious impact on our team. We'll soldier through as we always do, but the next few months are likely to be rough.

    The family is healthy, for which I am very, very grateful. During the middle of winter, it felt as though we were sick more than we were well.

    Speaking of weather, it's starting to warm up and it will soon be a great time to be a field tech (minus the crushing weight of the workload, of course).

    The little one still isn't sleeping through the night, but some nights are better than others. She turns into a pumpkin near bedtime if she hasn't had a nap that day, but she fights sleep with the strength of an armed legion if she does. This too shall pass. She's still super charming and totes adorbs.

    TL;DR: I'm still tired, work is still stressful, and my kids are still cute and tiring and sweet.
  7. Tek7@Work

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    So things finally slowed to a manageable (but most definitely still not slow!) pace at work last week. There are projects coming up very soon that will likely result in work piling up again, but I'm enjoying the quiet before the storm.

    This week is Spring Break, but my wife and I are both working this week, so it doesn't count for much. Man, I wish adults got a Spring Break. It will be nice to take a break from evening activities for a week, though. Maybe we'll do something fun this coming weekend.

    Life is more or less holding steady. All family members are in good health. Work is less crazy. Still wishing I had more time to play games, but I suspect that will remain a constant for a very long time to come. :>
  8. Atown

    Atown Christian Gamers Alliance Amazon Store Manager

    yeah... its weird, im trying to get everything to calm down more. even outsourcing more.

    I'm hoping to move forward even more on a couple of projects, while keeping the family fed, but trying to invest in some other opportunities.

    Really having to trust God that I'm moving the right since I dont know what I'm doing half the time.

    i feel blah most days, but hoping to get growing.

    I think my biggest struggle right now is my days disappear, and then when i do have free time, i feel like i should be working.
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  9. Tek7

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    Oh wow, did this resonate with me. Free time is hard to come by these days and I always feel a tinge of guilt even when I'm enjoying my free time. Adult life, yo. Rated M for Lord have mercy.

    So I'm late to the thread again, but I can feel slightly less bad about it since I spent most of my weekend frantically cleaning. Nope, no deadline and no one's coming to visit, but I finally "snapped" and decided to clean my bedroom on Saturday and the living room on Sunday. It's a drop in the bucket, but I admit it feels really nice seeing results after spending several hours cleaning.

    Work is finally slowing to a reasonable pace, though that's likely to change with upcoming projects. Sounds like I'll have help, though, which is much appreciated.

    Family is still not sick, praise God. My adorable little vectors and my wife and I have been healthy for multiple consecutive weeks, which may qualify as a minor miracle.

    Missing playing games with my CGA and ToJ peeps. Thinking about picking up Warframe after @Elader Arkon mentioned that it was developed by the fantastic Digital Extremes. Then I think about all the games that I paid money for (including $25 for Persona 5 and I've yet to clear the first "chapter" of the game) and I find myself shying away from installing and learning the ropes of another free-to-play game.

    When we're young, we have the time for games but not the money. We grow up, start families, get better jobs, and then we have the money for games but not the time. That sweet spot in between is so very short.

    Grateful for all the many blessings God has given me and my family this week, but can't shake a bit of melancholy this week. Not "woe is me" or anything resembling depression by any means, but just feeling reflective and missing some seasons of my life that were over before I realized they were over.

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