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Discussion in 'General Discussion [cga]' started by Tek7, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. CowRocket

    CowRocket Well-Known Member

    If i could play eve while pooping, that'd be great.
  2. Tek7

    Tek7 CGA President, Tribe of Judah Founder & President Staff Member

    I strongly recommend using that available time to get your house tidied and jettison everything you don't need or really want. Once that second child comes along, what little free time you did have will suddenly implode.

    Or maybe that's just how it went for me, I don't know.
  3. Atown

    Atown Christian Gamers Alliance Amazon Store Manager

    yeah we're not sure on that yet. Wife is thinking of waiting 4 years to quit her job to join my business and have our second kid. I'm not sure about the age gap though.... so we'll see :)

    We also might not be the most worried about cleanliness? We figure we have people over enough, we'll just clean when company is coming XD
  4. Patriot

    Patriot Active Member

    Started playing Battlefront II. Aside from the fact that new players get the worst weapons/gear and have to earn better stuff while playing against people with the best stuff, it is pretty fun. Side-grades would have been preferable to direct upgrades, but given how much EA bungled the entire thing I'm happy only this is bothering me right now.
  5. Tek7

    Tek7 CGA President, Tribe of Judah Founder & President Staff Member

    Wednesday nights are crazy busy (so are Thursdays), so I'm late making this post. Life happens.

    Still playing Puzzle & Dragons and enjoying it more since I scaled back my play time. I cleared some difficult content that I'd previously ignored and had a good time.

    Haven't played much Super Mario Odyssey this week. :( I recently cleared the main quest and the post-game appears to be humongous, so looking forward to getting back to it.

    Still only about 2 hours in to Persona 5, but enjoying what I've played so far. Persona games are consistently slow to warm up and this one's no different. Not a complaint!

    Based on how full the map is and what I see in the background of the levels, I'm guessing I'm nearing the end of Metroid: Samus Returns and it's bittersweet. This is the 2D (well, 2.5D, I guess?) Metroid that I wanted all those years I was playing my DS Lite almost every day. I had to wait a long, long, long time for a new handheld Metroid game but this one's been a joy to play. But like a good book, I just don't want to see it end. Not yet. :|
  6. Kendrik

    Kendrik Well-Known Member

    Two days late, but:

    I don't feel like I've gamed a ton this week. I think that's probably because I've dabbled in some new stuff on mobile. Also, I was gone three days for Thanksgiving. :p

    Been getting my daily logins on Puzzle and Dragons and Brave Exvius. Haven't actually played much of either. Have installed a number of digitized tabletop games. Played a couple matches of Ascension with a friend, and that's been awesome. Somehow, I've been winning, but I think it's just a game design thing meant to give free users wins so they want to buy more content. (Which is actually quite cheap, but that's not the point. :p )

    Just installed Puzzle Fighter last night. It's actually pretty good on mobile. I hear there's pay-to-win, but I also hear that you can get into gold league (or whatever the game has) without spending any money. While I get that there are many (you know who you are) that would prefer a one-time five dollar purchase, I'm actually okay with the progression system that comes with their f2p model so far.

    Have played a total of half an hour of Doom at this point. Tops. Oh well. Finally got my Dual Skana in Warframe, but I'm disappointed that the two blades do not appear to be equal length, so it doesn't yield quite the aesthetic I was hoping for. (I was creating Space Deadpool, or Spacepool if you prefer.)
  7. Atown

    Atown Christian Gamers Alliance Amazon Store Manager

    Well if u use TeamViewer on ur computer, and install it on your cell phone, u could play eve while pooping.

    I've done it :)
  8. CowRocket

    CowRocket Well-Known Member

    me too, but you really cant play. the only thing you can really do it type in the chat boxes :D
  9. Patriot

    Patriot Active Member

    Star Wars: Battlefront II.

    It becomes a lot more enjoyable after unlocking several of the alternate weapons and abilities. I may not feel like I am on an equal footing with people who have unlocked everything, but I have found a setup that works for me until I have those other items unlocked.
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  10. Kendrik

    Kendrik Well-Known Member

    It's Wednesday already?!

    I think I mostly played Ascension and Star Realms on mobile, with a side of Brave Exvius and daily PAD logins.

    I don't know that I've actually done much/any PS4 gaming since last post. I booted up Path of Exile on PC, but played for maybe fifteen minutes?

    Tabletop-to-mobile conversions are gaming life right now.
  11. Tek7

    Tek7 CGA President, Tribe of Judah Founder & President Staff Member

    This week: More Puzzle & Dragons and not enough Super Mario Odyssey or Persona 5.

    I installed Puzzle Fighter mobile out of dedication to the original game and its PlayStation 3 port, but I've only made it as far as finishing the tutorial. The art is...different, so I have my doubts I'll be sticking with it. We'll see.

    I know, right? Welcome to parenting, yo.
  12. Atown

    Atown Christian Gamers Alliance Amazon Store Manager

    FFT:A2G i feel like is nearly done. i really want it done so I don't keep playing it XD

    Thats pretty much all the time I have for

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