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Elite is still my love, but I think I've played more Dragon Quest Heroes II this week. Being able to boot up, beat up some monsters, then be done has suited this week well.
This week was another "I can't seem to have energy and opportunity to game at the same time" kind of week. Barely touched my PS4. Mostly been grinding out earnable currency in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius in effort to grab Dragon Quest collab units while they were there and now Sephiroth since he's just popped and is a focus unit for now.

Also got going again on Fire Emblem: Heroes. Working on getting my crew into shape so I can start doing things again. Haven't played much since initial interest back at release, but the game has improved significantly since then.


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This past week has been super busy with being Mother's Day and all! Busy but with all good stuff! Still kickin Team Fortress 2 (my favorite game)! Other than Toj. Tuesday Nights - sometimes I'll hop on for only 30 minutes or so... just enough to get a round or two in. :p Squeeze in some playing time whenever I can.
I was suckered back into playing Star Wars: Battlefront II. They fixed a couple broken heroes, added a couple maps, added new skins, and completely changed progression since I last played. Unfortunately, it is still a delicate balance of frustration and fun. . .

Also, still playing PUBG once a week with my brother.
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Still Puzzle & Dragons.

Some Persona 5 last night. (I gave up on backtracking and trying for a better score on the midterms. Now I'm moving toward infiltrating the second Palace.)

Played the demo for Chariot on the Switch. I liked it, but I get the sense that it was designed with co-op in mind and I doubt my older daughter would enjoy a platformer that gets difficult later on. It also started to drag on after 2 stages, so I doubt I'd enjoy playing through the entire game.

Speaking of platformers, I've been enjoying Chibi Robo: Zip Lash on the 3DS. My Chibi Robo amiibo arrived on Thursday and I unboxed it and registered it last night. Thanks to @Zacharywathen97 for the game!

I bought The Talos Principle earlier this week and I installed it. And that's it. :| Hoping to start it tonight.
I have been playing SWG:Legends, which is a SWG post NGE emulator. It is the most full featured of any of the emulators that I have found and I have been having a blast with it.

I have also been playing NBA2K on the PS4, the PC, and my Switch. And some Divinity 2 here and there.