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    Tonics? (What are they good for?)

    Okay, so I'm trying to clear out my inventory a bit so I can kill of a mule character and roll a thief... And I've got a mess of specific tonics (minotaur, ettin, owl, pig, etc.) from when they were handing out specific ones instead of mystery tonics (which stack neatly, thank you). I feel...
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    Karma and my new wallet...

    I used the guild boost, banner, ice cream, and karma booster and ended up 80 extra karma for every 100 I opened... And since I had not really been opening up the karma for a long time, it was a LOT. I'm very happy that I don't have to be quite so miserly with my karma purchases.
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    Karma and my new wallet...

    Okay somebody check my thinking on this... Previously karma was character-bound, so I hung onto the jugs of karma so that I could make sure the right person got what they needed for karma armor... Now all the karma is one big pile in the wallet... So now there's no reason not to open up all...
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    Oh... I was wondering why there wasn't a lot of action on this post and noticed it was in GW2 Discussion... We get a lot more traffic in General Discussion [LoE]. You've probably figured that out by now, but just in case...
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    Hey Jon, welcome aboard. I tend to play solo as well as I keep odd hours... This is definitely a guild that believes that family and ministry and life comes first and the game comes way after. We jump in when we can and have a good time no matter what. I think you'll like it here. What's your...
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    Newsflash: Disney has established their own Krewe

    ...if by flop you mean, "Amazingly awesome," then yes.
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    Thursday Nights - WvW

    This week is goofy for me, but when I DO have a night that I can commit to playing on an extended basis... it's normally a Thursday.
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    Are the monthly achievements broken?

    I'm trying to get my monthly jumping puzzle achievement, but I did two different ones in Lion's Arch and one of them on three different characters before I noticed that my numbers weren't going up... Do the LA jumping puzzles not count toward the achievement or what? Anybody having the same...
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    When do you take your easy XP?

    As I'm working on a new generation of alts, I'm trying to work out the best strategy for claiming the XP from crafting and exploring the five cities. I kind of see pros and cons to it... If you wait till LATER, my understanding is that you're gaining more XP because crafting and city...
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    Favorite Race Part II

    I have a Charr necro too... and he's awesome. I figured everybody was going warrior or engineer, so I wanted to do something a little unique but still in character. I love how he growls when he talks and you can hear his teeth snap just a bit. With staff equipped, he has a fantastically sinister...
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    Character Names

    ...Also I just recently rolled a Norn storage character named Bjorn Agyn. It amused me.
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    Character Names

    Nightcrawler still makes the sound, "BAMF"... I say go for it. If you're going to never use words that somebody wants to make dirty, eventually you have no more words. Rainbows are awesome. Cougars are legitimate team mascots. BAMF! is the sound of somebody disappearing in a puff of sulfur...
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    Classy Class is Classy

    I have to say, I love the the variety of all the other classes, and I'm really enjoying my freshly minted ranger and elementalist... But when I just got to get it done, I send in the warrior.
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    Character Names

    I just ran into one of our guildies named, "Major Eyeswater." I love it.
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    Character Names

    I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to name my ranger Christopher Robyn... He's already got a Pooh and a Piglet.