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    Official: Changing Servers

    Just transferred CaptianVideo
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    Server Transfers

    Just got a email that I can transfer to the Bastion server.
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    CfD - What Crafting Skill are you taking?

    Captian video Synthweaving
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    Gone over Christmas

    I will not be playing again until the 28th. Headed out of town to visit my son and his family for a week. I was hoping to take my laptop and get in some game time, but it won't run on my laptop, even though it is better that the min requirements.:(:mad: CU in a week or so.
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    My schedule

    Interesting, never heard of that. One time a company laid me off and kept paying me for 3 months until I found a job. It was not severance, just regular pay. Did not complain either:D
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    Hope to be in game today or tomorrow!! FINALLY!

    I got in today, but never received an email. Just tried to login and it worked:D
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    Called from Darkness Assigned to Server Warriors of the Shadow

    Thanks for the link Willcraft. So we can either take it or leave it. I assume the fearless Masters of our guild will give this humble apprentice their guidance :D
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    Called from Darkness = Sith Light?

    Does that mean we get to eat more cookies if we go Dark:D
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    Called from Darkness Assigned to Server Warriors of the Shadow

    Question to make sure I understand this (sometimes I am a bit slow):o When I get my invitation that I have access I should pick the server "Warriors of the Shadow". Then I create my character and when that is done I will be automatically be placed in our guild "Called from Darkness". Is that...
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    Called from Darkness = Sith Light?

    Question: Does going Dark have any advantage over going Light?:confused:
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    Don't uninstall your TOR copy from beta...

    Just got an email to uninstall my TOR client used for testing so I can be ready for the launch. It says that I must uninstall.
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    What is the rest of the world playing? Empire or Republic

    I see that smuggler has the lowest number of people in it. During beta I played a smuggler up to lvl 11 and it was really a lot of fun.
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    BETA Weekend!

    This is from the test forum site: "You are welcome to create characters on these new servers, but please note that they will only be available for the duration of the weekend test, which ends on 11/28 at 11:59PM CST (11/29 5:59 London, 6:59 Paris/Berlin)." If I read that correctly it will...
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    Playing Times

    I am in the CST time zone and retired, so I can play most anytime.:D However, I ususally like to play in the afternoon and sometimes in the evening.
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    Beta account

    I received a Beta Monday evening and in the email was a "Respond Now" button. That took me to a page where I could download the client. But, before that I had to give some answers to security questions, like when I created my account.