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    The Misfits

    and the point is? It was still a Chiristian metal band. and the 2nd lead singer, Michale Graves is supposed to be all conservative and Christian, but look at these lyrics: What the?
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    The Misfits

    You mean, Kryst The Conqueror? I heard that sucked, but the new Misfits suck. With Marky Ramone on the drums. If they got Michale Graves back, that would be cool.
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    The Misfits

    Anyone else like them? Their old stuff with Glenn Danzig is very messed up, but their new stuff with Michale Graves is good. Its almost kinda Christian rock (the bassist and guitarist made a Christian metal band after the original band's break up in '83) They talk about God and stuff. Anyone...
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    Opinion of Resident Evil 4

    Its a fast review becuase Im still playing it, just get it.
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    Opinion of Resident Evil 4

    I dont care if you dont like bloody, gorey games, if you have a Gamecube GET matter what!
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    Best PC games for couples?

    Singles for PC.
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    Resident Evil 4

    IT CAME OUT TODAY!!!!!!!! Too bad I cant get it until tomarrow. I cant wait.
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    Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

    Thos Shin Megami Tensei games are evil! They talk about killing God. The Xenosaga series also talks about having a sexual relationship with Jesus or God. BAN THESE GAMES!!!!!!!!
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    Question about the band Live.

    nevermind. I got it. It is called Lightning Crashes
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    The Arrow Game

    > No V likes Half-Life or a mod of Half-Life,
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    Christiians shouldn't be playings cs...

    Im Catholic and I play Doom II and have athiest friends and watch horror movies.....CS is nothing compared to some of the stuff Ive seen.
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    Should my SP screen be moving?

    No. It should be firmly in placew. I say you take it back and get a Nintendo DS!
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    Tek is leavin' on a jet plane

    Your getting married and all you can think about is not having broadband?
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    my baby sitting up

    Cute! ^_^!