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    Changes since I was last seen...

    only everything.
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    What's going on in here?

    You can buy the batttle chest which includes vanilla and BC for $30 and wrath for $38, but yeah still expensive. I would hope they are going to make another battle chest type setup for newcomers after Cata comes out so its not $100 to get going.
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    I came out of the closet

    Hi Ewoks! Where you hanging out now a days(ie what game? :P)
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    I came out of the closet

    yeah but you need a new ps3 game every month to keep you occupied, or at least I would heh, I had 14 xbox 360 games and the only one I played regularly and wasnt bored with was COD online and that was mainly the same reason WoW stays interesting was getting online and chattin with friends and...
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    What's going on in here?

    if you have ever used a res scroll in the past its nul and void. I used a res 2 years ago and took a year off wow and couldn't use another.
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    What's going on in here?

    I have seen Jad's little brother, would be awesome to see Jad again!
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    Cata Hunter Discussion..

    ok I was just not used to the new mechanics, went back to the dummies and checked my survival build and pulled 6k+ sustained with 7k+ peak so I tried my MM spec again and got almost identical numbers.
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    People are awful

    That is terrible:(
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    Cata Hunter Discussion..

    what kind of DPS are you getting with MM? I lost 1k dps on dummies with MM after the patch, ended up going survival in ICC last night and topped the damage a few times but overall everyones dps seems a lot lower.
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    Narius /gquit

    Wish him the best of luck, although having been in Fear Distilled I would say that is one of the worst places for having young ones watching Guild chat:( If you think what they say in trade is bad, yikes, they are more inhibited in guild:(
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    January 4th?

    The real reason is they wanted to release it for my birthday on Dec 8th:)
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    ROTC And Me

    Going to bed at 9 is a personal choice, I should go to bed at 9 now lol. Getting up at 4am seems like a personal choice or just differences in ROTC program. I know my friend had plenty of late nights and from what I remember wasnt required to do anything before 7am so he was usually waking up...
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    Going crazy

    i'm beginning to see a whole new side to you guys...
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    ROTC And Me

    Guess it depends on who you are then, friend of mine graduated with ROTC and was never "ruined", he had plenty of time to do what he liked and he graduated early and he spent time in Europe every summer visiting new places and he is now a pilot. I would say it enhanced his college experience...
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    Dalaran / Shattrath Portals Removal

    Don't you have a gadget transporter too as gnomish engineering?