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    Good games to get for Christmas?

    Indeed. its very hard. I hated the ladders. I ended up waiting for the Rohirim while I sent all my hero's to the inner-most part the Helms Deep. the Deeping wall.......... I hate it when they blow it up..... it gets VERY hard. Ive been thinking about it though. I think you should hole up in the...
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    hmmmmm there are some good ones.......... "We're moving into 5th freedom territory here, Sam." Lambert- Splinter Cell "AAALLAAAAHHMM" *however you spell that in german* -Medal of Honor Allied Assault Series "Access Denied" -Half-Life "SCREEEEEECH!!!!!" -Half-Life (oh how many times weve heard...
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    Good games to get for Christmas?

    I realize its not Christmas any more, but get Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth. I have it, and BOY!!!!! HELMS DEEP IS HARD!!!!!!!!
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    Half-Life 2

    k, thanks man.
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    Coolest programs on your computer?

    My friend from my MOHAA clan has WoW beta. Hes lovin it.
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    Coolest programs on your computer?

    hmmmmm..... coolest programs on my computer...... Medal of Honor Allied Assault Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough Call of Duty Call of Duty United Offensive (the coolest) Half-Life Half-Life Blue Shift Lord of the Rings The Return of the King The...
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    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

    hum? 3 games when they are released? what games?
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    Half-Life 2

    k, sweet. I saw a video of ravenholm. good thing i watched it in the morning when no kiddies were around. (theres 10 of us, im the second oldest, ages 15-like 9 mo.) GOREY GOREY GOREY! i thought it was hillarious though, when he picked up the saw blades with the manipulator and totally sliced...
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    Silent Hill: Which is scarier?

    I dont play em, although im sure i would have alot of fun getting freaked out. I love doing that... getting freaked out. However I have read about SH and It is full of occult and satanism. I think you had nightmares as a spiritual reaction. thats why i always have nightmares, spiritual stuff. I...
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    Do you play M-rated games.

    I tend to look at what the game is rated no matter what the rating is..... unless its ec or E lol. Some T ratings dont pass with me. The Half-Life Series are some of the only M games I play, Then Theres Halo and Halo 2. I can play those, but The GTA series I stay away from. Some people say "Just...
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    Half-Life 2

    Half-Life 2. Any one played it yet? Tell me about it. Is it super gorey? and if it is, does it have Content Control like the first one?
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    [D.o.G] Disciples of God

    Hi guys. Any one looking for a Christian Medal of Honor Allied Assault clan? Check out mine. [D.o.G]Disciples of God. I am the leader of the Airborne squad, and we are always recruiting. Come check us out, we'd love to have you.
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    Horrible Games

    Gods and Generals...... Ive spent more quality time on the toilet.
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    Call of Duty: united Offensive

    ooooooooo man........ The American Campaign made me cry. what a great game. better than Call of Duty.