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  1. Razzle0925

    Computer Parts

    So my laptop I had from work died. The motherboard went and they didn't want to put any more money into the computer. I was told I could parts it out and do what I wanted with it. Took the Samsung EVO Pro SSD as well as the WD Black HDD and put them in my desktop for a little upgrade. So here...
  2. Razzle0925

    Neverwinter Spam?

    So I got an email in game from someone (don't remember the name) with subject of hey friend. Clicked it but didn't respond. The reported it as spam. Should I be worried about the account being hacked at all or anything? I am doing free version but have still put in a good amount of time in to my...
  3. Razzle0925

    Titanfall...anyone playing?

    so i have this on pre-order for 360 and am debating switching over to pc. reason being is to have people to play with...and i have heard the pc version looks amazing. i know they delayed the 360 release for "bug fixes" but also know the old hardware won't be able handle what the respawn version...
  4. Razzle0925

    Trouble with iMac

    Hello. I realize this may not exactly be a place to put this but both myself and my father-in-law are starting to get frustrated with this thing and everything I have been reading/viewing online (including apple) doesn't help. We are working on an iMac and he cleaned/partitioned the drive. Now...
  5. Razzle0925

    Dungeon Defenders XBox 360

    Is there anyone that would like to play this? It's the free game with gold right now on live. Have to say it's quite addicting. I have played a few in solo but seems to be that it is better to play multiplayer, which from experience it is. Action/hack & slash/RPG all-in-one! Let me know!
  6. Razzle0925

    Thief Steam Code

    Hey Everyone I have a Steam download code for Thief. Game just came out. I am not really interested in playing it so the code is really just going to sit around. I got it because I did some upgrades to the systems my coworker and I work on (Graphic Designer so we need the good stuff :))I also...
  7. Razzle0925

    I'm Gonna be a Dad!

    My wife is now 6 weeks pregnant. We had to go through ivf procedures in order to get to this point but it seems that God has really been watching out for us the whole way. Between insurance coverage and my work being willing to work around the procedures, to the time we had to go up there and a...
  8. Razzle0925

    Some Free to Play Games on Steam

    Did anyone get into Spiral Knights at all? It's free to play but if you want this to be easier to get you can pay. I played it awhile back on Steam and kinda backed out for a bit as the friend I was playing with decided he didn't really like the game any more. Thought about playing it again and...
  9. Razzle0925

    Can an XBL be hacked?

    I know XBL isn't talked too much on here but I just want to check something. Someone, who I am not friends with, sent me a voice message last night stating that he was willing to give me a $25 itunes gift card if I was willing to give him 1600 microsoft points. Is it possible that because I...