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    Suggestions for Christmas themed maps?

    Please post your suggestions for Christmas themed maps here. :D
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    CS Admin Contact Info

    In the event that you need to contact an admin, please use the contact information below. The admins are listed in the order that I received their information, feel free to contact any of us for assistance. CS Chapter Leader Handle: []Pilgrim AIM: tojpilgrim Xfire: pilgrim03 Email...
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    Gun prices in CS:S will be affected by in game demand!

    Check it out @ Thoughts, Opinions? I think this feature is pretty cool, and has good and bad repercussions. The less popular weapons will be used a lot more, and the more popular weapons will be more expensive. Then again, it would be annoying to have to pay like $3000 for...
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    Overlaying IRC and Radio Player in games

    Link This seems kind of cool. I don't care much about the radio player, but the IRC might be a nice thing to have. Your thoughts?
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    Unreal Tournament 2003

    I'm thinking of picking up Unreal Tournament 2003, a store near me is selling it for $9.99 CAD ( its called 'The Source'). This is not what you all play, correct? You play 2004? What are the main differences between UT2003 and 2004? I'm not planning on playing a lot, I liked...
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    Half Life 2 Mod: Smod

    Smod is a japenese mod made for Half Life 2. That being said, it is actually pretty cool. See my blog post here, and random screenshots here. Feel free to click on my ads, I know they look bad but I'm low on cash. Not that I will see the money soon anyway, but yeah. Read the post, download...
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    Preparing to Format - Advice Wanted.

    I had some minor surgery done on my feet this morning.. (more specifically I had a couple of serious ingrown toenails removed, I've had them for around 3 years.) I'm off work for at least a few days..if you could pray that I recover quickly that would be great. :) Let me get to the point. I...
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    Favorite Podcasts

    I was on my youth pastors computer today, renewing our domain name. I happened to open iTunes to change the song playing, and noticed that he had a few different christian podcasts subscribed. I personally haven't used iTunes since v.4, so I haven't used the Podcasting feature. The only podcast...
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    Domain Registrar

    I made a thread similar to this almost exactly 1 year ago, off by a few days. I want to register a .ca domain but I want to find a registrar that other people have used. Has anyone here registered a .ca domain? I would prefer not to pay 30$ a year for it, although 10-15$ a year is about right...
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    Call of Duty 2

    I was considering purchasing Day of Defeat: Source through steam, but the fact that I can't purchase the 'silver' steam package (I could be wrong, does anyone know a way?), instead of purchasing DoD: Source, HL: Source, etc by themselves. I just downloaded Call of Duty 2, and I must say that...
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    I found a cool mapping thing, called I signed up TOJ, so add yourself to the map! :) It is located here. :D
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    Shipping Rules and Restrictions

    Hah. I'm currently investigating switching to another company for shipping. (For all shipping purposes for the company that I work for.) Anyway, I was just reading the DHL Terms of Service, and found this. Prohibited Items. In addition to the restrictions and prohibitions set out in paragraph...
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    Cool and Useful Programs

    I am looking for more cool and useful programs to use in my everyday life. I recently got Microsoft Money 2006 which I intend to purchase soon. What other programs can you suggest to get myself more organized, or just cool programs? They do not have to be free/shareware.
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    Ice Cream Truck Music

    I have a really sweet idea. I will post pictures and instructions after I've done it, but I need some help first. I need to find some original ice cream truck music that is popular. By popular I mean used widely, preferably. Also, if possible it would be creative commons, or easily "attainable"...
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    The Official Woot Thread

    woOt :D
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    August 20th 2005 - TOJ Fun Night

    On Saturday August 20 2005, starting at Approx 7PM Eastern Time (4PM Pacific Time), I will be locking the TOJ Temporary CS Server with a password. TOJ members will be allowed to stay in the server, for a night of fun. Non-TOJ members will be asked to leave, and then kicked if they do not comply...
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    Official Thread for Blog Links!

    I was inspired to create this thread because I know many of you have blogs, but I cannot seem to remember the links often. Anyway, post your link to your blog (or Xanga, Myspace, Nexopia, etc) here. My Temporary blog is here. I will be hosted a blog on my own domain soon, but for now use...
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    1,000 Members!

    Congratulations CGA Forums! We have now reached 1,000 Forum Members. Keep on Rocking! (and er..posting) :D
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    My 7mbit cable hax :)

    Here is a screenshot of my 7mbit cable line, new modem and new wireless router. (Of course im not using wireless because the router is right beside my computer, and that would be absolutely pointless.) Fyi, the speed didnt stay this high, it fluctuated between 600 kb/sec to 2mb/sec :D