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  1. Odale

    So, the Pope said this today.

    I knew this Pope was different from the last, but wow.
  2. Odale

    Recent Effort to "Retranslate" the Bible.

    So, I was on the internets today and saw this. Here is said group's website (as badly as I do not want to link it, I will in the name of bias and balance). Is it really necessary to make the Bible read more conservatively? In some instances they are fundamentally changing the words or...
  3. Odale

    Creationism Talk

    /shameless plug So, for people who are similar to me and enjoy a good debate, this is happening in about an hour from now.
  4. Odale

    Debate: Evolution v. Creationism

    Ima put this here... and promptly walk away from it. Debate: Evolution vs. Creationism - Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Aaaaaand if you have an aversion to NPR, here is the youtube link. Enjoy!
  5. Odale

    Windows 8... lol Apparently Microsoft is planning on ditching Windows 8 and moving on to Windows 9. Can't help but say that I saw this coming... Essentially porting a tablet...
  6. Odale

    GW2 Email Notice...

    I got this email today from ArenaNet. A log-in attempt from the following location is currently awaiting your authorization. Not sure if the email is real, but they sent me three emails over a two minute time span. I don't have the game downloaded or installed, so I can't check on anything...
  7. Odale

    Tablet + 3G Service Thoughts....

    My mom wants to ditch Comcast but still wants internet. All she does is browse the internet, Facebook, and email. She also likes to watch Hulu. I told her that she could get a tablet from Verizon (she loathes AT&T, her words - "I'll go without internet before I pay AT&T again") with 3G...
  8. Odale

    Dell Customer Service... PayPal too...

    I feel some strange need to share this with other people who share my interest with computer-related tech items. On the 10th of September I ordered an XPS 13 from Dell's Outlet and I paid with PayPal. My order was never processed and never shipped. I emailed them before I called them. Last...
  9. Odale

    iPhone 5s vs 5c

    So I want a new phone and the phones I'm really sort of looking at are in the title Does anyone here have either of these iPhones? What are your opinions? Is the iPhone 5c too childish with all it's colors? Is the iPhone 5s too snazzy (especially the gold one... honestly...)? Thoughts?
  10. Odale

    Blizzard: Diablo III AH Going Away

    Article. Thoughts?
  11. Odale

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Is anyone planning on playing this? I know I was interested for a while. What appear to be the pros: ESO is being led by Matt Firor (who helps DAoC). So it should have good PvP. It's an Elder Scrolls game. Other things that I have forgotten... Input! Go! :D
  12. Odale

    Activision-Blizzard splits from Vivendi I didn't know about this and I know its somewhat old news, but. Still good to see.
  13. Odale

    Millennials and the Church

    So a friend posted this on his Facebook and I, being leery about everything, read it. I agree with what the author is saying. Here it is: Of course you don't have to read it if you don't want to - but I think...
  14. Odale

    Cube World

    I know that I am not the only person who has this game. Anyone else play it? Its great fun in groups... also easier to down bosses and such (obviously!). Discuss. And if you haven't bought it, explain yourself!
  15. Odale

    The New Game General Forum!

    We have a new forum to discuss new games in! This new forum will help us concentrate the chats about new games coming out in a space where it will be easier to see how much interest is expressed for a new game (thus helping chapter formation!). Check the forum out! It's in the ToJ section...
  16. Odale

    Welcome to the New Game General Forum!

    Like the title suggests, I welcome you to the New Game General Forum! The New Game General Forum purpose: To concentrate the chat regarding new games in a single space so that the pertinent information about the new games can be found easily by ToJ members. To allow an effective measure of...
  17. Odale

    [Updated]: Hulu Plus vs Netflix vs Cable; Smart TV vs Roku

    Does anyone here have any of these three items (specifically Hulu Plus or Netflix)? How would you rate the content they offer and are you satisfied with it? Personally I'm thinking of getting Hulu Plus and want to know how it fairs in comparison with the other two.
  18. Odale


    Ok, so I'm in the process of packing and I stopped to send a professor an email about a graduate assistantship. I hear back from him and this is what he said: "We'll spend 15 minutes or so together - then I can walk you over to the dean's office to complete the paper work and such." It sounds...
  19. Odale

    Final Fantasy VII on Steam

    ... for $12. I call myself a gamer, well... because I game. But when I tell people I've never played a single Final Fantasy game they tend to discredit my self-imposed status. I've also heard that FFVII is the best Final Fantasy game there was. Worth it? Dunno, but talk about it.
  20. Odale

    Graduate Assistantship

    As you all know, I'm going to West Florida for graduate school. Well, today I found out I was not selected for a graduate assistantship this time around. I was counting on this to relieve my living expenses. With a GA, my tuition would go from $9,000 per semester, down to $3,000 -...