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    Who has gotten one (or more) and with what champ?:cool: Me = Zilch :o
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    I'm back...

    So, after my winter B-ball season hiatus, I am back and ready to boss this thread around... Thanks to those who helped in my 'absence', look for more activity to follow... (you did miss me , right...?) e17
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    DotA anyone?

    It appears that I have 2 DotA keys to give away... Anyone interested? (ps I don't play it hardly at all, but might if we had some that did, it is hard yet fun...) Invite your friends You have extra copies of Dota 2 to give away To get started - launch Steam, locate the...
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    .EXCITING!!! Upcoming changes to LoL.

    Copied from PBE forums kinda length and disjointed looking...
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    Seasonal outage...

    I have begun the task of coaching basketball for the local HS team here, and may not be able to post as much as I would like. Please contonue topost in my absence (if not more so) and I will try to keep the threads up to date... Thanks,
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    Season two drawing to a close

    From LoL website: "The Season Two World Championship is approaching, and with it, the end of the competitive season on October 23, 2012. And the end of Season Two brings Season Two rewards. You’ll earn some exciting rewards this season, including new summoner icons, loading screen borders...
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    Teamspeak to Mumble to Teamspeak3

    Please note the following from CGA/ToJ Admin to all gamers: "We've decided to close down the CGA TeamSpeak 3 server at the end of June ... Please direct your chapter and guild members to this thread for CGA Mumble Server info and this thread for Mumble troubleshooting." Please use...
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    Ranked team gaming...

    Ok, so like, next week, I am on like vacation and all, and thought it would be gnarly to like play some ranked games and all, and seeing as "My Team Will Feed" has been taken by someone elses team and all, lets get ToJ out there yo'! Respectfully,
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    Fun Gaming

    Thanks for all the games that y'all put up with me in while I am stuck at Barnes and Noble, (pub wifi lag and drops). Lets get soem team games in q week after next as the lads and I are on staycation..:D
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    Team Games

    So ToJ teams, I am getting messages from Riot that we will 'lose'our ToJ names if we do not play some games... sort of an fyi... :cool:
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    "Official" voice chat server

    We in the staff of ToJ are looking at commonizing to one server for Voice chat, 'officially' to simplify our lives. Of course you afe free to use whatever you want, but we are looking to be under one umbrella. Choices: 1.CGA TeamSpeak Server 2.CGA Mumble Server
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    Interested in SWOTR?

    Link to the free trial Free trial weekend for Star Wars: the Old Republic, if you were interested. ToJ does have a chapter as well
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    Team games

    So we have one 'official' ToJ team, with room for more players, and there are two more teams (for now) that we can fill up. As I am off work the next two weeks, what say we about getting some team game play going on...?
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    LoL summoners names...

    Tek asked me to take this over, being chapter leader and all, I must submit to his "Power Overwhelming!"... League of Legends summoner names -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Post your summoner names here and feel free to add posted names to...
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    New to LoL, or need some quick info...?

    Greetings! As the Chapter Leader, I am glad to see so much interest in the LoL chapter of ToJ. We would like to have this thread be one that helps direct New or Interested players get a start on things that one may need to know to get started. First, League of Legends is a totally free to...
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    Monday LoL nite?

    So... I had a lot of fun at last night's in-house games (even tho I went 0-2, sorry to my team)... Waddya y'all think about making it a tradition, Mon Nite in house or tourney prep teams? (maybe even an ARAM [yuck] once in a great while...)
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    Please read before posting

    Just a reminder, that I expect all LoL posts to be G-rated, like you were talking to your Pastors mom, or the like....:) Happy Gaming!
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    Ever heard of "transhumanism"?

    I had not really heard of this being a reality, more along the sci-fi thinking of the good ol' days... Read more Here
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    Riot Server tech's , behind the scenes...

    Now we know why the long que screens lately. ;) Check it out HERE
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    "Clan" recruiting

    :rolleyes:Thinking of posting an open ended "Christian Players wanted " on the LOL clan recruiting page... Good idea or not... (I say yes of course) What should it say?