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    I am going through one of the most difficult times in my life. I am desperately in need of prayer.
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    Linux Computer Assistance

    Angels, angels, you guys are simply angels! I am listening now to my RealPlayer. I am sorry it took so long to get back to you. Honestly, it was very embarrassing. The website hes gave gave the same instruction as vibrokatana. I cannot tell you how many days that I have been on and tried...
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    Linux Computer Assistance

    You guys are really great...and patient, too! I will try and install, or get instructions tomorrow. I am looking for a job once again, and often employers want Linux I come. I ran across many sites, but I really like that one, Hes, perhaps I can learn something there...
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    Linux Computer Assistance

    I honestly don't know the What's a distro? ugh! I know that Ubunto is loaded. I love, love, love, listening to online sermons and did listen to 365 for a bit , most all sites I listen from require Real Player. I must admit, as I said, I have tried to Google and I am in the...
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    Linux Computer Assistance

    This title is a misnomer, considering that I can only move my way around Linux with step by step instructions. Very basic, albeit instructions on how to move the mouse I don't need! lol :p Our computer has been having trouble recently and our son-in-law was nice enough to let us use his...
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    A move half way across the US!...and lovin' it:)

    Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, I see boys in the future? This is the youngest daughter's second and last! I am not certain why. I was praying at her door at the hospital on her second push! If you notice the baby's face is a bit bruised. It only took 2 pushes! lol I know, tmi, but I still stand...
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    A move half way across the US!...and lovin' it:)

    I did hear Bainbridge was one of the most expensive places, too! I can't wait to see it ALL! I have heard that you can pay for a Park Rangers guide and this allows you to go to some out of the way, and sometimes secluded spots. This is so different from Texas, so much to see in nature, and...
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    A move half way across the US!...and lovin' it:)

    Baiinbridge, Bainbridge...I think they were voted as one of the best places to live in the US! I can see Whidbey Island from my window here. I am spoiled, however, in Texas you don't pay for the ferries, here ShaZAMMMMMMMMMm! Things are expensive! We will just enjoy the view from the...
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    A move half way across the US!...and lovin' it:)

    It is crazy beautiful here. We are downtown and the Lord has blessed us with a small, but very affordable place for this area. We have a view of Puget Sound, only three blocks away, with the Naval Ship Port, to boot! And the Olympic mountains can be seen on most days that aren't completely...
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    A move half way across the US!...and lovin' it:)

    Hi everyone! Life has been busy and many changes have been made. My new husband and I are living in Everett, Washington now; he is an avid gaming fan. I was wondering if anyone is in the area. I know that God's Peon is not too far off. You and your family are invited to dinner anytime...
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    Do Christians have good times/bad times?

    And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand. John 10: 28,29 Once we have given our lives to God by accepting...
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    Prayer, please!

    I am praying!!! I am asking God for you to be fully aware that His thoughts of you are more than the sand of the sea, His thoughts are of peace and with purpose for your life, the one graven in His hand. He loves you Sir, and so do we. He is ever waiting to carry your burdens. I love...
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    Religious Discussion Forum Rules - Pls read and sign

    I have read, I do agree to abide by the rules. I will be verrrrrrrrrry good;)
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    Answers and Updates from 2005

    You are very welcome, thank you as well, Litsafalda! :) I am looking forward to seeing this thread bloom! Oftentimes I wonder what has happened to the person that we have prayed regarding and their families. In addition, like the apostles, we want to have strengthened faith and there is...
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    Storing treasure in heaven?

    We need to always be in mind to put God first and love Him most, thus fulfilling the first Commandment. By the same token, we know that every good and perfect gift comes from God and we are to give thanks in everything. Therefore, I believe it is perfectly fine to have a love for things here...
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    I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

    Thank you guys, I love you and pray for God to bless you. I appreciate the verses, I will hold them dear to my heart as I go through this.
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    i need Prayer

    My prayers are with you and I pray that this will be a situation where you see Romans 8:28 come alive and remain active in your life. I am so glad that Gods intentions are to bless, even when things seem like such a mess!
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    ...unto us a child is born...Isaiah 9:6 O Come Let Us Adore Him, Christ the LORD Mary's Reflections Scripture Reading: Luke 2:1-20 Her body lay sapped of strength, her eyes were heavily closed, but her mind refused to give way to rest. She ached for her mother. She wondered if she yet believed her. She heard the labored...
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    Daily devotional program for 2006?

    We could never go wrong with Beth Moore. I love the idea of having her in Lydia's! I have spent the last hour since I read your post reading her devotions. I want to post in a couple of other areas the ones I saw there. I listen to a couple of her lessons at, and I wasn't aware...
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    I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

    This has been a very tumultuous year for me. I am grateful, in that I feel I have grown Spiritually. I seems that I am at a crossroads right now. Not so much Spiritually, per se, but a literal physical one in which I need to make some important decisions. I am praying for God's wisdom...