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  1. dorkelf

    Robot Roll Call - reply if you'd like a summer writing challenge

    Let me know if you would prefer to do two or three flash fiction assignments in the range of 300-500 words, or one longer short story assignment not to exceed 3000 words or so. The flash fiction contest requires at least an hour but not more than three hours or so for each flash assignment to...
  2. dorkelf

    Writing Challenge for February

    sticky plz ok thx I pulled this challenge off the net from In 300 words or less, use the following title to inspire your next piece of flash fiction: They Once were Wild This thread is now in the SUBMISSIONS phase. Please reserve your critiques/votes until the...
  3. dorkelf

    Writing challenge for DECEMBER/JANUARY

    If you have the admin privileges, please sticky! This thread is now in the SUBMISSIONS phase. Please do not post critiques or comments until I post that it has entered the CRITIQUE phase. The story idea: Take a chapter from something you have written, or from a story someone else has...
  4. dorkelf

    How about some late PvP Tuesday11/24? Post here if interested.

    My apologies to the Monday night PvP crowd, Mirawyn and I had too much going on tonight to be able to play, as we are preparing to host Thanksgiving at our house. However we should be able to host or join in on late night PvP tomorrow night. If you can come and would like us to have an event...
  5. dorkelf

    Monday night PvP 11/9 7:30 PM EST

    We figured everyone would be Guild-Warsed out tonight after all the Halloween questing, but lets plan ahead for PvP next Monday night! Mirawyn and I really love playing PvP, but I'm not sure we're getting the participation we really need if we're going to keep it up. Monday night is the only...
  6. dorkelf

    Writing challenge for NOVEMBER

    If you have the admin privileges, please sticky! :) This thread is now in the SUBMISSIONS phase. Please do not post critiques or comments until I post that it has entered the CRITIQUE phase. The story idea: Use the phrase "two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time" as the...
  7. dorkelf

    No PvP Monday

    Our friend Glenn wants to join up for PvE stuff during the special event, so Mirawyn and I won't likely do PvP Monday. However if the late night PvP folks want to organize an event, we can probably come to that. Just be sure to post so we'll know!
  8. dorkelf

    MON night PvP 9/28, probably HEXWAY

    We need more people to come so we can have enough for HA. Therefore I have programmed this message so that you will automatically be visited by a persistent AMWAY salesperson if you do not show up for this week's PvP. Hate to take such drastic measures, but its For Teh Win. :D In all...
  9. dorkelf

    Writing challenge for OCTOBER

    I was going to wait for October, but there's no good reason not to go ahead and get started!! This thread is now in the SUBMISSIONS phase. Please do not post critiques or comments until I post that it has entered the CRITIQUE phase. The story idea: Your character had to lose one of the...
  10. dorkelf

    Flash Fiction Writing Challenge: The Rules

    Well there seem to be more serious writers here than ever before, so maybe its time for a new writing challenge! I think one of the most important things for an aspiring writer to do is to write regularly, and also to write different things...not just work on the same ol'...
  11. dorkelf

    MON night PvP 9/21 HEXWAY, 7:30 PM EST

    Here's the build: If you are interested in coming, please post to this thread and let us know what you'd like to bring. The two ele slots and mesmer slot are spoken for, assuming that Raven, Firewalker and Mirawyn are able to be there...
  12. dorkelf

    Monday night PvP 9/14 7:30 PM EST

    As promised, I am organizing a PvP event. If we have no new folks we will focus on team arenas and try out some good current builds. Please bring a PvP character if possible and be ready to load up some build and equipment templates. If we do get some newbies, we might do some zaishen arenas...
  13. dorkelf

    Team SoE - Labor Day PvP!!

    Mirawyn and I have definitely missed the fellowship of our wonderful guild. We've both wanted to get back into playing after an absence of several months, but one major thing after another gets in the way - most recently, we moved into a new house and are still nowhere close to getting our...
  14. dorkelf

    PvP Tuesday 6/16 8:30 PM EST

    Well it was fun last week, so lets do some more Alliance Battles! Here's the info: Meet: In SoE Guild Hall at 8:30 PM Required: Factions expansion. No PvP experience necessary. Recommended but not required: Teamspeak (get it free at, microphone (you can still use TS without...
  15. dorkelf

    PvP Tuesday 6/8 8:30 PM EST

    I'm excited about doing some alliance PvP again! Its been a while, so I thought we'd start with Alliance Battles. Mirawyn and I plan to be logged into TS at 8:30. If you are new to the game, you have to have Factions to play AB and you'll also need Teamspeak, a free piece of software for...
  16. dorkelf

    PvP Friday 4/10

    Mirawyn and I will both be there. I'd like us to try a Rit Spike build Necro Avenger has been working with. It calls for channeling rits, an ice ele and whatever else to balance it out. I think we've always done well with Rit spike so if you're inclined bring a pvp rit and be ready to work...
  17. dorkelf

    Factions for $9.99/free ship via Newegg

    Newegg is selling several games for $9.99 with free shipping, including Guild Wars Factions. Great way to get yourself a second account or another character slot, not to mention a fantastic expansion if you don't have it already! :D Paul
  18. dorkelf

    Another minion factory approach This build is actually one under discussion, so it isn't outdated like the one we were looking at last night. I have no idea how I managed to skip over it! Well yes I do but I'm not ready to admit that level of absentmindedness yet...
  19. dorkelf

    Sorrow's Furnace run tonight at 8PM EST

    If you have Deldrimor War Camp you are welcome to join us tonight for an SF run. We will be doing the Orozar quest, so it shouldn't run us very late. We are leaving at 8 PM sharp unless we have less than 5 real players, in which case I'll try to recruit for a few more minutes before adding...
  20. dorkelf

    What was I thinking!?!?

    I'm very sorry that my plans for role-playing this month fell through. My classes have turned out to be a tremendous amount of work, so much that I'm spending 8+ hours every day on them and barely keeping from getting behind. I fear that it will be like this until mid-July, at which point I...