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  1. sdenotter


    Just so you all know, I hope to have my priest level 75 before the 7th, and to be able to make frostweave bags for all your new Worgens and what ever other toons you plan to roll! If you send me the proper mats for them, not only will you get your bags, you can help me level tailoring to 450...
  2. sdenotter

    Prayer for a bros buddy

    Hey everyone, A buddy of mine that i've been witnessing to for the past few years (who is close to being saved) had a buddy of his shot through the stomach and into his leg. Turns out the bullet severed the main artery in the leg. He's going into his second surgery, and his blood still isn't...
  3. sdenotter

    Face Book

    Hey, if any of you have Face Book, Lemme know, and I will make an Alliance Group. btw does anyone know if the CGA has a face book group?
  4. sdenotter

    Who is?

    Um so I was helping run Gate of Pain with guildies friday afternoon I think it was, And I said that I would run who ever needed it through the next chance that I could. Who was that? If my memory serves me correct, the IGN was Empress Glory.... or something to that effect. If that is any of you...
  5. sdenotter

    Screams head off

    MAN SO CLOSE! i got shiro down to 1/8 HP!!! and after 20 min of fighting him.... I died once and then that was the end. So here is the official request! I gotta get run through Gate of Madness! So! Who either A) needs the mission but haven't had any luck with it as of late or B) has done...
  6. sdenotter

    New minion?

    Well i just looked on Wiki... it looks like another elite will be an immolated horror... now the question is... who uses it? and where can i cap it! lol but! i only saw the picture uploaded onto wiki.... there is NOTHING else there in all of wiki... i think anyway...
  7. sdenotter

    Rit wand for necro

    Hey guys, i need a good wep for my Necro, If anyone has a Restoration wand, or rod or what ever it is, i would love to trade it for something in my inv... i got lots that i can trade... but as i said it has to be ONE handed... otherwise it defeats the purpose of my green off hand... thnx
  8. sdenotter

    Area east of Dragon's Throat

    Hey guys... I need a hand here, how do i get into the area east of Dragons throat? I'm currently trying to get my Grand Master Canthan Cartographer title, and I have a couple areas that I need yet. The one, is Jade quarry. the other big huge area is east of the dragon's throat outpost... i went...
  9. sdenotter

    Nomination for Bible studies

    I think we should continue the Bible studies... anyone up for the challenge ? would it have to be one of the officers or can anyone do it? if anyone can do it, i don't nominate myself :) I'm a tad busy to be able to do it...
  10. sdenotter

    Prayer please

    Hey ever'one I feel the need to open up to you and ask for prayer for two things. One, that the spirit of fear would leave my girlfriend, (the devil seems to have a grip over her making her afraid of surgery) and two, that she wouldn't need surgery. She seems to have a problem with her...
  11. sdenotter

    Curiosity Kills

    Well, I know on my school this topic rouses some pretty interesting issues (im on a computer school) BUT i will ask anyway cause we are all "respectable" christians are we not :) What kind of music do you all enjoy? and why? What kind of music can you not stand? why? For me, I...
  12. sdenotter

    Is Suicide The Ultimate Sin?

    An interesting thought.... curious to know what you all think about it... my dad preached about this a couple weeks ago and it really triggered my thinking
  13. sdenotter

    Prayer please

    Well, it just so happens that the devil likes to throw everything hes got at someone who is made to change the world and realizes it. If you guys could pray for my Girlfriend Maegan, it would be appreciated. ill give you a breif analysis of why i ask. Two weeks ago, Maegan was saying...
  14. sdenotter

    Favorite Scripture Passage

    I was going to put favorite verse... but i have a passage that I love (no pun intended... you will see once I say what it is) So what are your favorite passage(s)? Mine is in 1 Corinthians 13. its the love chapter... (see the pun :( srry bout my bad humor its genetic) Most people just read...