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  1. zebedee

    who is still playing LoL?

    Hey ToJ, Long time no speak. Hope everyone is doing well and the Lord is close to your hearts! I've been playing random LoL games casually for a few years now and just hit lvl 30 and realized that this was the max level. Anyways, hope there are some peeps still playing out there! Feel...
  2. zebedee


    What's up Warhammer people? :D Zeb
  3. zebedee

    Officer Positions link

    With more people coming back, we could definitely fill some officer positions. If anyone who is currently playing and interested in an officer position, then take a look at this thread and let me know your thoughts. I would only ask that if you are serious about an officer role to commit to...
  4. zebedee

    Tribe of Judah 11th Anniversary celebration!

    Hey everyone, Let's praise God for 11 years of christian video gamers uniting for fellowship and fun! There is an official celebration happening on Sunday, May 23, so make a few new friends and congratulate Tek and staff! Here is the official posting with meeting times. 36767
  5. zebedee

    Upgrading Your Character Checklist

    I've decided to put together a small checklist as to what I've done to help get my characters on track to compete with the much more heavily geared players. This is by no means a quick way to become uber but it helps to share information. There are so many little things that can be done that...
  6. zebedee

    Zebedee's one week of play reflections

    I started playing a bit more to witness....another server merge, Dark Crag gone?... o no! But wow, something interesting is happening... I must say that the merge has caused some great benefits to fun for Warhammer because a lot of really good warband leaders are merging into IR and there's...
  7. zebedee

    I'll be playing a bit more for a few days

    Hello guild, I've decided to take a break from stuff/life and relax a little bit for the next few days. I need it! So yea...look for me to be online a little bit more than normal. Christmas is around the corner! Zeb
  8. zebedee

    Discontinuing State of the Guild Reports

    There hasn't been much guild activity so I am postponing. Have a nice day! Zeb
  9. zebedee

    Free and Infinite Warhammer Play : The Endless Trial

    Now you can play Warhammer for free and for as long as you want! This is for real! Check it out! Infinite Warhammer Online Free Play Thanks to Keero for the tip, Mythic now is giving people a huge reason to come back and play. For free! ps. They seem to just be putting this offer...
  10. zebedee

    I talked to a producer for warhammer

    I met him at a warhammer exhibit at a game expo. I didn't know that he was more than a mere CSR as I told him so much about my thoughts about what I think war should do to get people to come back. He listened intently and we talked lots! I told him about the goings on of our guild and its...
  11. zebedee

    State of the Guild October 2009

    Not much, guildwise, to report, folks! But gamewise: Today, there's a hefty patch. Features include a fancy apprenticeship system where you can temporarily boost the stats of your lowbie friends to hang out with you. That is, a tier 1 level character can participate and hang out with a...
  12. zebedee

    State of the Guild September 2009

    Guild update: Redeemed War has had a decrease in activity in spite of the surge last month. Game patches/improvements continually flow in. First, the patches and game happenings... A huge end game patch came out recently making things stabile and new fortress redesigns. The action in...
  13. zebedee

    Guild Vault Management

    Guild, We haven't had a thread that I know of that speaks about how to organize our vaults. Yesterday, I decided to overhaul and clean up the vaults as we have limited space and too many donations and no system of removal. make the vaults more useful I set up these guidelines...
  14. zebedee

    a trip to the badlands

    Guild, There's been a lull in activity and so I have been re-visiting my destro chars on the badlands. The lions had a guild over there called the Fismits that my chars are still a part of. As usual, you can get ahold of me via the Redeemed Warhammer Player Contact List Just IM me to...
  15. zebedee

    Patch 1.3.1 Notes

    The latest patch is finally out for the US servers and what a patch it is in terms of end game siege improvements! Warhammer Patch 1.3.1 - 8/18/2009 It's a relatively big patch. Enough for me to leave the computer and do stuff and come back! Also, for those who were disappointed at the...
  16. zebedee

    Secret Tome Unlock - Stalker Pet

    Someone may have found an unlock to get a stealth pet that you can switch control to and roam! By the looks of it, I'd say there's not many people who have it: I wonder if destro has spied our warcamps with em. That would explain their quick...
  17. zebedee

    State of the Guild August 2009

    Hello. We've had some great happenings in recent weeks. Many old and new faces have come back to play: Myrakle Mike, Unfettered Mike, Keero aka *eero, Bijou aka Zoey, Calvin, Ben, Dr Hammy, Voldecai, salty1 aka Iconium and even a cameo by the elusive Odale! Forgive me if I missed any...
  18. zebedee

    A Call to Claim Keeps

    Hello Guild, 2 nights ago, Myrakle Mike discovered how to claim keeps. Although a web site description says to plant a banner up on top of the roof of a keep on a certain slot, it's a bit vague as to exactly where. What we found was that there is a default banner raised on the top floor of...
  19. zebedee

    Things you can get away with while playing War

    I've had the oddest weekend of war thus far. On saturday, Keero and I did some T2 keep defense. Keero was busy healing while I spammed lions! I couldn't resist chatting with a friend online but yet didn't want to miss out. So...all I did was call the lion, put the heal over time on it, and...
  20. zebedee

    Get 30 free warhammer days and pay nothing trick

    If you: used to play and have been thinking about resubscribing know someone who is already playing war then you are in luck! Ewoks aka Myrakle aka Lirum has come up with this neat trick which is not really a trick per se, but a means of getting more people to play Warhammer without...