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  1. AMorrii


    This game is an alpha so I can't recommend it but I am enjoying it for what it is. I'm a bit ashamed of myself for actually buying an Early Access and especially for buying 2 copies. Is anyone else playing? What do you think of it?
  2. AMorrii

    Reading material on how to pray?

    I'm looking for some reading material on how to pray. It's not something I do much and I'm not very good at it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  3. AMorrii

    I'm lonely and feeling hopeless. Issues I thought were under control are not.

    My life has been changed in some ways that are making things hard for me to cope. In the last few months many things and people I was comfortable with are no longer safe. My brother recently changed the context of our relationship drastically. I won't say what he did but we used to be best...
  4. AMorrii

    :D Battlefront 3 (I think)

  5. AMorrii

    HEADSUP! I would strongly recommend that you DO NOT download Alliance of Valiant Arms

    Apparently there is a game-guard called Nprotect in the files. It's actually less like a game-guard and more like a rootkit. More info here. I, personally, less cool than a knife with a rose on it... anyways. do what you will, just thought I'd give you the headsup.
  6. AMorrii

    Gotham City Impostors.

    Is anyone gonna be playing this? I've been psyched out of my mind for this and I was wondering if I was going to get to play it with you lovely bunch. And in case you don't already have it here is my steam profile. Add me if you wanna play with me. :D
  7. AMorrii

    Local Coop Games

    I'm looking for some good local coop games for PC. My younger sister has been hanging out with me a lot lately and we've been having quite a bit of fun with Lego Batman and Magicka. We've also just started playing Jamestown and it's convinced me to order a set of USB playstation controllers...
  8. AMorrii

    Free Terraria

    I've got 2 copies of Terraria up for grabs. I can't think of a decent contest idea so here's what we'll do. If you want a copy ask for one. If you ask first or second then you win! Sorry for how lame this is but I'm too tired and busy to do anything fun with these right now. Also I bought the...
  9. AMorrii


    I have got 2 copies of Sanctum on steam and I'm going to give them away in a contest. To win this contest you must take a picture of yourself being awesome and post it to this thread. I do not care what you do for this picture. You can plank, you can owl or you can dress as Lord Vader and chase...