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  1. blfleshman

    LoE represent!!!

    LoE present and accouted for in first SoR downing of Tequatl 2.0!
  2. blfleshman

    Interesting little tidbit

    As I was looking through the bank sorting it out I came very close to just deleting my extra experience scrolls. With the character slot sales and using one to start a new character but not wanting to buy enough slots to use all my scrolls I decided to investigate and see if there was any way to...
  3. blfleshman

    Brian is an idiot. It's ok you can agree.

    Somehow while swapping guilds, (to my bank guild) I have left LoE. Didn't mean to, just did. Anyway, I need an invite. Pretty please.
  4. blfleshman


    Do the text boxes on this site use Flash? I have a new windows phone, and much to my chagrin, WP8 is not supported by adobe flash. I've noticed that I can not post to the forums from my phone and was thinking that might be the problem. If anyone has any insight let me know.
  5. blfleshman

    I might have been hacked

    Just wanted to warn. Got home this evening and can't log-in to my account. My account name is fierotecknics and my character names are Thesoundofsilence, Zeatricksyuno, Shado Cythe, Foilage, Scrunch, and Szeth Sonsonvallano. If you encounter anyone on those characters be suspicious. Go ahead and...
  6. blfleshman

    new build site

    Found this build site that can also run PvE builds. Didn't know if anyone else has seen it yet so thought i would share my thief"s build to show some of what can be done with it...
  7. blfleshman

    ooo the goods

    so, i ordered the hardware for a new pc and am pretty excited to get the goods. now i have a question to anyone who's tech saavy or just wants to give some input. i have an old win vista disk that i was gonna load, but after some thought it occurred that windows 8 may have some improvements that...
  8. blfleshman

    be back later

    sorry about the sudden drop out of the guild mission while trying to form another party on shado. my hard-drive quit. the pc is old anyway, so when i get a new machine i'll get back on gw2. until then, peace in the name of Jesus Christ to all.
  9. blfleshman

    SoR rockin WvW...maybe?

    The new WvW rankings has SoR in 2nd place! Great job us! So how do the changes coming up affect us? Anyone care to explain?
  10. blfleshman

    pvp tourney team

    wasn't sure how many check the pvp side of the forums so i'm posting a quick heads up here. if any are interested in sPvP check it out
  11. blfleshman

    Structured PvP Tournamant Team LoE style

    i have just started playing the spvp side of the game and must say i really enjoy it. as i am new to spvp i still have a lot to learn about the maps and strategies. that being said, i for one am very interested in trying a tournament or two. if anyone (or any 4 others) are interested i would be...
  12. blfleshman


    Don't know how many of you have dug deep into the maelstrom of video's, site's and forum's on this game, but here's a tidbit from wooden potatoes that gives a good look at how in depth the dev's have went. How epic will it be to find this stuff and...