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    Just stumbled upon this neat little game called Tagpro. A lot of reddit people are in on it, and thus making it very active. It's a browser-based capture the flag game that you can get into in minutes without installation, and no account (I recommend an account though). Pub games usually last...
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    College decisions prayer request

    Hey yall, I've been a bit inactive as of late. I've had some real busy times with college apps, interviews, and now decisions. I was hoping things would be clear cut by this point, but after being put on a waiting list or two, things are looking to be a bit more muddy than I wanted them to...
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    SteamOS Discuss.
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    20 inch or smaller HDMI or AV in TV/Monitors?

    Hey, I'm looking for an HDMI or AV in capable TV or monitor for under $100. I want to be able to play my PS3 in different rooms in my house without the effort of unplugging my PC monitor every time I wish to move. If any of you fellas know of anything, passing it on would be great! Thanks!
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    NS2 Game night absence 04/04

    Family is over, I encourage you all to come together and play. I will try and make sure the server is up and ready to go.
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    New NS2 server address!

    connect make sure to include the colon and the 27020, or it won't connect you!
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    NS2 game night absence 03/21

    Hey fellas, I won't be able to be on tonight to run a NS2 game night. I have a big competition this weekend in swimming, and need all the sleep I can get. I still welcome you all to get on and enjoy each others company whilst playing Natural Selection 2 tonight though. Have a good one!
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    Natural Selection 2 Game Night

    Hey everyone! I will be hosting a weekly game night on Thursdays at 9:30 PM Est. We will meet in TeamSpeak, and go from there each night. The first one will be held February 14th at 9:30 PM EST. It would have been tonight, but due to tests and what not in school, I am required to study...
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    Natural Selection 2 game night

    Hey fellas, I'm looking to start up an official NS2 game night for the purpose of getting more ToJers in at one time, and what not. Right now I'm thinking Thursday nights at 9:30 EST would be the best time. Used to be the L4D time frame, but now that we don't have a L4D server, it's open...
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    Ni no Kuni

    It was released today. May end up picking it up this week. Very interested in it!
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    I'm bored at the library, or What manga should I read?

    For this next semester, I'll be stuck at the library for a couple hours between classes every monday and wednesday. My question is, during that time, what manga volumes should I check out and read? They seem to have mostly shonen jump serialized stuff, and nothing way too mature. I'm...
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    Natural Selection 2 Chapter Information Thread

    Welcome to the Forums for the Tribe of Judah Natural Selection 2 Chapter. Below you will find some helpful information regarding the chapter.
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    Natural Selection 2 Steam IDs (important)

    For the purpose of keeping track of ToJ Members and Admins, I would like to create a list of what SteamIDs belong to who. If you could please reply to this thread with the following form (filled in), I'd greatly appreciate it. It'll make things a ton easier. If you need to know how to get...
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    The Hobbit

    So the Hobbit comes out this weekend. I saw it last night, so I'd thought I'd do all Tolkien fans a favor, and implore them to disregard most of the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes right now. EDIT: I saw it in 48 frames 3D, and it looked beautiful. I didn't notice that there was much of a...
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    Swim meet

    Hey guys, I got a big swim meet tomorrow morning. If you could pray that the lord would give me supernatural strength and endurance, and the ability to drop lots of time (and thus advance to the biggest meet of the season), I'd really appreciate it! Thanks and God bless!
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    Natural Selection 2 Chapter Interest

    Hello fellow ToJers, Before anything gets rolling with chapter/server start up, I am looking to get a head count on all those who own the game, will own the game, and plan on actively playing the game in a Tribe of Judah sponsored Chapter/Server. If you could, please make a nice little...
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    Guild Wars 2 $47.99 at newegg!

    It's a weekend deal with the promo code: EMCYTZT1867 Enjoy.
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    Lookie who I met at the movies...

    Was going to see the avengers. Quick introduced myself, told him I liked his videos, got a picture with him, and got back in line.
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    Mumble Troubleshooting Thread

    This thread is to be used for troubleshooting issues relating to mumble. I will also be documenting fixes to common problems and linking to them in this post. This thread will be replacing this one.
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    Christian Gamers Alliance Teamspeak 3 Server information

    Use of the Christian Gamers Alliance Teamspeak Server is contingent on following the server rules. Please contact Joshinator, Christian Gamers Alliance TeamSpeak Server Operator, or post to this thread with any questions, concerns, or requests.