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    Written WvW guide?

    Hey all, Does anybody know of a good written (non-video) guild for WvW in general...the basics...some strategies...basic class roles...etc? I'm a 80 ranger and need to try out WvW & work on world completion :)
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    Get To Know Your Guildies!

    Name: Steve Age: 47 Position: Guild Member Main Character: Pedirn Christos - Norn Ranger (currently) Playstyle: PvX Occupation: RN/IT - currently traveling consultant helping build Electronic Medical Records. Current assignment in Renton (Seattle), WA Location: Pearland, TX (outside...
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    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    TOJ: Pedirn GW2: Pedirn.7346 GW2 toon: Pedirn Christos Thanks!!!! --Steve
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    Get to Know the Guildies Thread

    Name: Steve Age: 44 Other info: Married, 2 sons (21 & 15) & 3 daughters (19, 16, & 2). Also foster/adoptive family through CPS Home: Pearland, TX In-Game guild: SOE Position: Newb PvE/PvP preferences: PvE for now Primary Character: Pedirn Cristiano (hunter) PvE Goals: Get through...
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    Request to Join SoE/SOE thread

    OK...I think I figured it out. Looks like I was messing around when I first played a couple years ago and started a guild. I've dispanded it, so everything should be cool now. :)
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    Request to Join SoE/SOE thread

    Aleron, It says I'm already in a guild? Hmmm...this is a brand new character I just started a couple days ago. I'll have to look into it next time I'm online. Thanks!
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    Request to Join SoE/SOE thread

    Hello Hello, I'd like an invitation please. ToJ name: Pedirn Toon name: Pedirn Cristiano Thanks & God Bless! :D