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  1. J

    Totally Legit Controversial Question to Negate Fourm Non-usage, Vote Now!

    cats are cute but evil. Thats why i love them.
  2. J

    The most emotional trailer at E3 this year.

    The song choice was pretty legit though. Mike Oldfield for the win!
  3. J

    College decisions prayer request

    Well to update, still down to two schools. Deposited at one, and am able to get in should I get pulled off the waiting list in the other. Thanks for your prayers!
  4. J

    Star Wars Expanded Universe (including games) no longer canon

    The one thing I would ask is, please give us x-wing/wraith movies... AND AN I, JEDI MOVIE!
  5. J

    Star Wars Expanded Universe (including games) no longer canon

    It's all expanded universe. It's now all only a "legend." It's no different than the books. I'm pretty happy it's all being declared non-canon (again). I read a bunch of it, and there is a lot of mediocre to bad, and then only a little bit of good-great to make up for it. A lot of stories are...
  6. J


    Just stumbled upon this neat little game called Tagpro. A lot of reddit people are in on it, and thus making it very active. It's a browser-based capture the flag game that you can get into in minutes without installation, and no account (I recommend an account though). Pub games usually last...
  7. J

    CCP reveals Project Legion, a second attempt at an MMO shooter

  8. J

    There should be a DayZ Standalone chapter!

    With all of one person? Get that activity to match your interest yo! I've considered getting into the game, but when I have a spare $20, it finds its way elsewhere haha.
  9. J

    Anyone read dc comics?

    I just want to say that I'm proud of all of you fellas for turning this into a marvel discussion.
  10. J

    Star Wars 7 Cast....

  11. J

    Gettin' Hitched!

    Gratz again yo. Got dat prayer going on for you.
  12. J

    Tribe of Judah 15th anniversary celebration in May

    a day dedicated to Quake or another free arena shooter. LETS DO IT!
  13. J

    College decisions prayer request

    Hey yall, I've been a bit inactive as of late. I've had some real busy times with college apps, interviews, and now decisions. I was hoping things would be clear cut by this point, but after being put on a waiting list or two, things are looking to be a bit more muddy than I wanted them to...
  14. J

    Kindle recommendations please

    I'd recommend Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series and his Stormlight Archive series. Both are incredible fantasy science based books. He's probably my favorite fantasy author at this time, and he's the dude who put a great finish on to the wheel of time, when before it was lagging. He has the...
  15. J

    Bravely Default

    I have been debating if I want to trade in one of my other games in order to get that. I have a limited time and money budget, so gotta figure out if Bravely Default will have more marginal satisfaction than another game. haha.
  16. J

    Looking for a Wildstar friend key!

    The real deal is everyone just wants to give me one :) Same as what everyone else said, I'd love one after they get one if there are any extras.
  17. J

    Cliff Bleszinski wants to build an old-school PC arena shooter

    Not MH or Danny, but AWWWWW YEAH! LES DOO EET! Not a big fan of unreal, but quake (lets play some quake live sometime tek) and other arena shooters are some of my favorite games to play.