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  1. Stc95

    A Change in Leadership

    It is time for a change for LoE. As much as I enjoy leading LoE and this guild has become something of a family to me, I do not have the time to devote to the guild that you all deserve. It would be a disservice to everyone to continue serving in this role without having the time to devote...
  2. Stc95

    Simple games for an older generation

    What are some games that might appeal to the older generations? I know we have quite a few members that might fit this category, but I'm mainly talking about retired, 75+, mind slowing down, old. My grandfather is getting a little stir crazy at home and when I was first getting into games...
  3. Stc95

    The Orr Orator!

    Found this on Reddit, absolutely genius! Must read! Safe for family, work, and reading to your children before bed.
  4. Stc95

    Two new recruitment programs

    In an effort to comply with the Tribe of Judah as well as opening LoE's doors to the larger GW2 Christian community these two recruitment programs have been implemented for the Legacy of Elijah. If there are any questions, concerns, or clarification needed, please ask :) This is in no way a...
  5. Stc95

    Nvidia Project Shield - New handheld/console

    Any thoughts on this? Nvidia announces ‘Shield’ gaming system. I appears to be a handheld gaming system, with the capability to be a console as well (can be plugged into a TV). In a way it's very much like the new Wii U. But is this something that will catch on? The Shield as a gaming...
  6. Stc95

    LoE and CAMP PvP!

    Hopefully you have all noticed, either on Twitter, Facebook, or the in-game announcement that LoE and CAMP have officially recognized each other and CAMP will be LoE's PvP wing. I use the word recognized not in the sense of one nation recognizing another diplomatically, but rather that I had no...
  7. Stc95

    The best of the best! The Guardian!

    We did have a Guardian thread just after release that died out in October. But we can make a new one to resume Guardian talk. My thoughts: Guardian is really good with one or two builds. Everything else just seems unfinished or too niche to be effective. The spirit weapons are a nice idea...
  8. Stc95

    Field of View Beta Testing

    If anyone is interested, Anet is playing around with the Field of View (FOV) in GW2 and there is the ability to try out the beta version. I know some people have complained about it before back in the Beta, so it'll be interesting to see how it's changed now. To experience the change follow...
  9. Stc95

    An update

    Hey guys, With a moment of time to spare I wanted to give you an update of my life. As most of you know I'm taking a term abroad at the University of Oxford, England and will be home sometime December (certainly in time for Christmas! :)). You may also have noticed I haven't been around...
  10. Stc95

    The travels of the Stc

    I think most people here know I've been in the UK for the past month, but for those that don't frequent the Guild Wars chapter forums... I've been in the UK for the past month! I enrolled in a study abroad program for a semester to the University of Oxford. I know some people in the Legacy...
  11. Stc95

    Legacy of Elijah's Guild Bank

    Legacy of Elijah Guild Bank The Guild Bank consists of two parts: the Guild Stash (50 slots), the Treasure Trove/Deep Cave (200 slots). Currently, the Treasure Trove is dedicated to storing guild resources and funds for Legacy of Elijah events and promotions. The Guild Stash is dedicated to...
  12. Stc95

    1st Month feedback

    Can you believe it's been officially over 1 month since most of us have started playing GW2? So much seems to have happened in these past four week, both in-game and out of game. I hope that you've appreciated and been patient with the LoE leadership team as we try and balance our game time, our...
  13. Stc95

    LoE Leadership!

    Hopefully you've noticed a growing number of LoE Officers and have thus far appreciated their work (which I have used the word "outstanding" to describe!) We are still looking for volunteers, especially in the PvP and Media departments! If you are interested in any LoE leadership position...
  14. Stc95

    First Ever LoE Emblem Contest!

    Resurrecting the tradition from GW1, LoE will be hosting it's first ever, bi-annual, Guild Emblem Contest!! For those that don't know about emblems: So here's how it'll work, go to a Guild Registrar, should be one in every major town, design a design. Take a screen shot and post it on here...
  15. Stc95

    The story of the traveling Stc

    As some of you may know, I am currently studying abroad in Oxford, England for the Fall semester. I will be in England until December and studying History (The Age of Jefferson, British Landscaping and History, and the Soviet Union) while I'm here. I am quickly realizing that my time for GW2 has...
  16. Stc95

    Get To Know Your Guildies!

    Please go ahead and introduce yourself and get to know your fellow guildies!! Do not feel pressured to give out any information you are uncomfortable with. Name: Anthony Age: 19 Position: Guild Leader Main Character: Human Guardian, Khiran Ranik Playstyle: PvX Occupation: Student, 2nd semester...
  17. Stc95

    Legacy of Elijah has over...

    100 members!!!! Congratulations guys on hitting the centennial mark, on official release day no less!
  18. Stc95

    If you are not in LoE and/or cannot represent

    Please post here with your account ID so we can give you an invite. Also, if you are unable to represent LoE, try cycling through the WvW maps and clicking represent there. That was a work around yesterday and how I was finally able to get into LoE this morning.
  19. Stc95

    Accept your invite!!

    Apparently there is a 25 invite limit we can send out at one time. Which means if you are playing and not a part of the guild, you are taking an invitation spot for someone else. Make sure you accept the invite so we can get through the 70+ invitations we need to send out :)
  20. Stc95

    How this is going to work tonight:

    So here's the game plan for tonight. I'll be trying to get in-game as soon as the servers go live and immediately rush through filling up my 5 character slots to save their names. After that I will pick a character and begin working on getting the 1 silver needed to make a guild. Once the guild...