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  1. Brydon

    Tonics? (What are they good for?)

    Okay, so I'm trying to clear out my inventory a bit so I can kill of a mule character and roll a thief... And I've got a mess of specific tonics (minotaur, ettin, owl, pig, etc.) from when they were handing out specific ones instead of mystery tonics (which stack neatly, thank you). I feel...
  2. Brydon

    Karma and my new wallet...

    Okay somebody check my thinking on this... Previously karma was character-bound, so I hung onto the jugs of karma so that I could make sure the right person got what they needed for karma armor... Now all the karma is one big pile in the wallet... So now there's no reason not to open up all...
  3. Brydon

    Are the monthly achievements broken?

    I'm trying to get my monthly jumping puzzle achievement, but I did two different ones in Lion's Arch and one of them on three different characters before I noticed that my numbers weren't going up... Do the LA jumping puzzles not count toward the achievement or what? Anybody having the same...
  4. Brydon

    When do you take your easy XP?

    As I'm working on a new generation of alts, I'm trying to work out the best strategy for claiming the XP from crafting and exploring the five cities. I kind of see pros and cons to it... If you wait till LATER, my understanding is that you're gaining more XP because crafting and city...
  5. Brydon

    Monthly Tips

    I love love LOVE Elhanan's Daily Tips thread and was hoping you guys had equally great ideas for Monthlies... For me, I'm doing okay on Events (I try to do a few more than minimum while I'm doing dailies) and I understand how to get Dungeons (go do some more dungeons!)... But I'm not nearly on...
  6. Brydon

    Second Account vs Additional Character Slots - Advice Needed

    Okay, so I need a little advice... As I'm working my first three characters up to lvl 80, I know already that I want to role at least three more characters (guardian, ranger, and ele). So my debate is, would it be a better plan to purchase a second account ($59.99) than to buy three more...
  7. Brydon

    PSA: Armor Previews for Armor You Don't Have Yet

    Okay, so I felt like an idiot last night... and in the interests of helping out the guild we should all eat humble pie and share our idiot moments so that we all learn... My Charr is choosing between Order of Whispers and Priory. After scouring google for days trying to find good pics of...
  8. Brydon

    Halloween Scavenger Hunt

    So I found a guide to the Halloween scavenger hunt. It may be on the wiki as well, but it wasn't when I looked. I feel pretty confident that I never would have figured of this out on my own. (P.S. I still haven't finished it, so I'm not vouching for it's accuracy... just so far so good.)
  9. Brydon

    Happy Meatober!

    I wish you all a Happy Meatoberfest celebration. I think we need more details on this wonderful Charr holiday... and there should be some sort of observance... involving cow... and maybe bacon. On what day do we officially recognize Meatober? It's time to start building traditions here!
  10. Brydon

    What time is it where you are? Time Zone Survey

    Maybe everyone already knows this but me, but I'm curious to see where our guild is spread. What's your time zone and when do you like to play?
  11. Brydon

    Armor and Outfits

    So, I like finding good pics of armor. I'm about as excited about fashion in Guild Wars as I am indifferent about fashion in real life. So... I found a link today where somebody posted pics of the Priory, Shadow, and Vigil armors in case that makes any difference about which path you choose...
  12. Brydon

    Help for an Altoholic

    So, obviously I want to roll at least one character of every profession... and maybe one of every race/gender combo... which is turning into a lot. Currently, at $10 per character slot and $60 for the game with 5 slots (we assume) it's cheaper to just add on 5 extra slots... But, we keep...
  13. Brydon

    Finally... the feature we've all been waiting for...

    Aaaaaand dancing...
  14. Brydon

    Dragon Festival

    [/LIST] Hey, just to give you a heads up, it looks like the Dragon Festival this year (next weekend) is going to give you a chance to pick up any festival hats that you might have missed in years past!
  15. Brydon

    BWE Finale Event

    Hey guys! What did you think about the finale last night? I've already heard some complaints, but I loved it. I loved being in the massive crowd charging off to fight monsters. It took me a while to figure out what was going on, but once I did, it was a lot cooler. I also loved that when...
  16. Brydon

    GW2 World Selection

    Hey, they just posted up information about choosing worlds for the Beta Weekend. There are about 24 marked simply U.S. Lacking any further information, I was going to play on "Eternal Grove" this weekend just because it sounds the most "Elijahy." Does anybody know any more about the...
  17. Brydon

    7th Year Anniversary

    Hey guys, Check it out... It looks like ArenaNet snuck us a little Guild Wars (1) love in the middle of Beta Weekend fever! The 7th Year Anniversary is upon us... And I didn't even get a present. It looks like we can expect some good drops and festivities and... drum roll... a special...
  18. Brydon

    Have Fun!

    If you're busy not disclosing that you're part of the beta this weekend, I just wanted to wish you luck and much fun! Surely SOMEBODY from our alliance got in... and we know you would tell us all about it if you could. So - even though you can't - I'm going to pretend you're saying "I got...
  19. Brydon

    Help for a PC newb

    Hey, I'm new to playing BF-BC2 from my computer... I got into the game on PS3... And I'm having a little trouble. I'm having ugly "rubber-banding," where I keep walking over the same stretch of ground 3 times in a row. I've been seeing it on other players too where they disappear over here...
  20. Brydon

    The Nicholas Economy

    Hey guys, I'm curious to hear what are you guys doing about Nick this week? Is it worth it to trade in Sup Charr Carvings? Or are they more important to keep for the ninja Mask (or trade with people who are)? (I'm going to go ahead and say, "It depends on what you like" for all of you...