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  1. Thaddius

    Gaming retirement

    Hey ya'll, I just want to say that I'm probably going to be stepping out of most online gaming for the near future. There are some things going on in my life that are taking up way more time and priority that I need to continue to persue. Of those, continuing education being the biggest...
  2. Thaddius

    6 Hours in Eternity

    I found this a good read heading into this Resurrection weekend. I hope that each of us remembers to bless God as we remember the sacrifice that was made on our behalf. Cory
  3. Thaddius

    Anyone planning to see The End of the Spear? It is a movie about missionaries that were killed in South America in 1956 by a native tribe and the conversion of them following it. It seems to be the talk of the NW since at least 2 of them were from up in this area. Our mens group is going to see it on...
  4. Thaddius

    For those interested in a Daily Bible Podcast.. This guy (Brian Hardin) out of Nashville has been doing a Bible in a year podcast. Check it out if your interested in going through the Bible in a year with a community that is starting based upon this cast. Cory
  5. Thaddius

    So long and thanks for all the fish!

    I'm officially disconnecting myself with what is left of ToJ/CGA. Over the past few years, I've had some good times, and some bad times. I've seen some great things, and some that were not so great. I've grown, and learned, and if anything become a stronger Christian because of my experiences...
  6. Thaddius

    One of the perks for being a gamer and working at intel :)

    Should I go and get destroyed by some of the best? :) Cory
  7. Thaddius

    Out of WoW

    Just wanted to drop you all a note that I won't be renewing my subscription to WoW. Its been real, and its been fun, but it has turned into a time-sink that I don't enjoy enough to keep it going. I'll keep hosting the interface and pictures for those of you who have access (any others who want...
  8. Thaddius


    <rant> Why is it those that complain all the time(see any thread in these two forums asking for *this or that* and you'll see mostly the same names) are the ones unwilling to put forth funds or comittments to ToJ? They join other clans, create there own clans, want it "this way" instead of...
  9. Thaddius

    Access to post Screenshots

    If anyone wants access to my gallery site ( to post WoW pictures, Send me a PM or an email with your name, email and I'll set it up and give you a pw that you can change. Gallery is really easy to use to post. Lemme know, Cory
  10. Thaddius

    Question from the thread on John

    Can someone explain something to me. What does John mean that Peter is saying here? Is Peter asking who betrayed Christ? Or is he asking "was the one who betrayed you John?" I find it confusing because Peter was in the garden when Judas betrayed Christ and he lopped off one guys ear...
  11. Thaddius

    40 facts about Israel II (long)

    Here is 21-40. Cory Fact #21 In 1897, Jewish leaders, moved by Theodore Herzl, formally organized the Zionist movement at the First Zionist Congress in Basle, Switzerland. They called for the restoration of the Jewish National Home in Palestine where Jews could have sanctuary...
  12. Thaddius

    40 facts about Israel Part I (long)

    I thought this was some very interesting information and that I would share it with those of you who want to take the time to read it. :) I have to put it in 2 posts because it it longer than the 40,000 char limit. first 20 facts below. Cory 40 Significant Facts About Israel's History -...
  13. Thaddius

    Advice needed

    Hey all, Some of you are married and some of you are not, but for this situation, look at it as if you are. Say you are married to someone and in a discussion find out that something that you do your spouse hates. Your spouse hates everything to do with this thing and tells you that...
  14. Thaddius

    Needed prayer

    My grandmother had a heart-attack last night and had to have 3 stints put in. No one found out till this morning and so we don't have much information on how she's doing. What I know so far is that her heart stopped completly at one point. My mother is on her way to the hospital, so I'll post...
  15. Thaddius

    an oldie but a goodie.

    Mississippi Squirrel Revival :D I used to love Ray Stevens when I was younger. I might have to go find one of his old cd's. Cory
  16. Thaddius


    Ok Ok, I know yesterday I acted like an idiot. I'm on vacation, tired, cranky and out of sorts. I over-reacted and quit the guild. Lee, sorry for acting like a 2 year old. If you'll let me back in I won't do it again. Cory
  17. Thaddius

    Remember our troops

    Until Then This actually made me cry to watch. Remember our troops and their families in prayer during this holiday season. gg Cory
  18. Thaddius

    Leading Atheist see's the ligh

    From Here Cory
  19. Thaddius

    WoW screenshots

    Old Friends I have a picture gallary up on my website. If you have screenshots you would like for me to post, please send them to me with a caption you want under them. cory AT roadoflife DOT net. Cory
  20. Thaddius

    One of my kids

    My wife took our 5 year old to the ER this morning at about 4:30 am with some severe abdominal pain on her right side. We don't know if its urinary track issues or apendix issues. Please keep her in prayer. I'll update when we know more. Thanks, Cory