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  1. DZwart

    Black Lion Trading Company Sale

    I only had to buy 30 more gems to get to the 480 mark. I was buying them slowly - about 50 at a time when I remembered to do it. So this sale just let me get my first extra tab a whole lot sooner. Too bad about the rate difference though, really no difference when the price of gems goes up by...
  2. DZwart

    Black Lion Trading Company Sale

    I just saw on the GW2 Facebook page that storage slots and bag slots are 20% off through Feb 26.
  3. DZwart

    Haven't finished up your monthly JP yet? Do it the easy way.

    I still have a few to go myself, but my problem is that I haven't done any of the fractals yet. Unfortunately, due to parenting issues, my play time may be even more limited this week, not going to make it this month :( I may have to run a few more just to get the JP points though, I think I'm...
  4. DZwart

    Total Noobish Question

    I can't see any strong advantage to having them on one toon. Not needing to transfer items would be the biggest argument for it. Are there any crafting items required for a legendary weapon that are soulbound? I've been crafting armor and weapons and transferring them when I do. Needing to...
  5. DZwart

    Friday Dungeon Frenzy, Jan 11th, just show up

    yes, thanks. I finally got through my first dungeon in story mode. Looking forward to more.
  6. DZwart

    So how are the Tixx dungeons?

    I did Black Citadel's with a PuG last night. There seemed to be more steps to that one, but I think we plowed through it faster than any of the others. Not sure if it's just knowing what to expect or if they made each step a little easier.
  7. DZwart

    Level Progress

    I finally hit lvl 80 with my first character last night!
  8. DZwart

    Level Progress

    yes, you need to stay in one zone as well from what I understand. Best to take a character into a unexplored zone (as high as you feel comfortable in) and pick up events, harvesting, daily bonus and all the skill challenges and vistas you feel comfortable with. A lot of the non-hostile...
  9. DZwart

    Level Progress

    I seem to have the alt issues going too: 73 - Ranger 46 - Guardian 44 - Ele 16 - Eng I've been itching to play the engineer too, so probably going to be distracted with that for a bit now too. I was able to finish off "Lifetime Survivor" this weekend, so that one's out of the way now. If I...
  10. DZwart

    "The game client is unable to gain access to the log-in server at this time"

    I've been having connection issues for the last few nights after switching to a new router. The bright side of the server downtime was it let me focus on fixing the issues with the hardware firewall preventing me from accessing the game servers reliably. Now hopefully the servers will be up...
  11. DZwart

    Discout off GW2 digital download - 7Dec12 ONLY

    Found this through a post by PC Gamer magazine on Facebook: Today only there's a code for 30% off GW2 digital download.
  12. DZwart


    one2dredd pointed this one out on Facebook - No More Twinkies!
  13. DZwart

    404 Page Not Found

    From the GW2 website:
  14. DZwart

    An update

    I remember working on a program with customer from Japan a few years back and suggesting a due date of Dec 7 for a particular study. Phone went absolutely silent.
  15. DZwart

    Teamspeak - no sound

    woot, thank you! I probably looked right past "default" a dozen times last night. Changed the drop-down and it works fine now.
  16. DZwart

    Teamspeak - no sound

    I spent over and hour last night trying to get TeamSpeak to work on my laptop. Still no sound. My machine (work laptop - HP EliteBook 8460p) was recently updated from XP to Win7. I don't seem to have any sound issues with other programs (GW2 is fine and tested mic with Skype). I...
  17. DZwart

    Breaking News: Animals escape from LA Zoo!

    I found myself squinting trying to figure out if there were any pets my ranger needed.
  18. DZwart

    Ascent to Madness

    Thanks to the LoE members who helped me get through Ascent to Madness late last night. I was just about to say "I'll just do it tomorrow" when the group formed up. I just read this morning, that as of Noon eastern (9am PST), the Dungeon will be closed, so I'm so glad I was able to get it done...
  19. DZwart

    Ticked off at Anet

    Could you imaging being a dentist and having to work on a charr?
  20. DZwart

    WvW info thread

    This thread is to document important info about WvW. Our guild does not have any commanders yet, but on our server, these commanders have been experienced to be on regularly and seem to know what they are doing: Alpaca Owl Leader Mara In addition to our guild TS server, there is a...