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  1. DZwart

    Black Lion Trading Company Sale

    I just saw on the GW2 Facebook page that storage slots and bag slots are 20% off through Feb 26.
  2. DZwart

    Discout off GW2 digital download - 7Dec12 ONLY

    Found this through a post by PC Gamer magazine on Facebook: Today only there's a code for 30% off GW2 digital download.
  3. DZwart

    404 Page Not Found

    From the GW2 website:
  4. DZwart

    Teamspeak - no sound

    I spent over and hour last night trying to get TeamSpeak to work on my laptop. Still no sound. My machine (work laptop - HP EliteBook 8460p) was recently updated from XP to Win7. I don't seem to have any sound issues with other programs (GW2 is fine and tested mic with Skype). I...
  5. DZwart

    Ascent to Madness

    Thanks to the LoE members who helped me get through Ascent to Madness late last night. I was just about to say "I'll just do it tomorrow" when the group formed up. I just read this morning, that as of Noon eastern (9am PST), the Dungeon will be closed, so I'm so glad I was able to get it done...
  6. DZwart

    WvW info thread

    This thread is to document important info about WvW. Our guild does not have any commanders yet, but on our server, these commanders have been experienced to be on regularly and seem to know what they are doing: Alpaca Owl Leader Mara In addition to our guild TS server, there is a...
  7. DZwart

    New Computer!

    I've been hoping to replace my gaming computer for quite some time now and I am hoping that the November-January time frame, this might be able to happen. I built my last machine, but I'm not sure I want to bother putting one together this time and the little that I've looked, I'm not sure I'll...
  8. DZwart

    Game Update notes - 17Sep12 I laughed at this one. I kinda wished I was starting with my engineer to have tried this trick before they blocked it.
  9. DZwart

    Trading Post - cannot buy

    I tried to buy something out of the trading post last night. I have about 70 silver on that character and the item I was trying to buy was about 9 silver, so I had enough, but the "BUY" button was greyed out and I couldn't figure out what I had to do to be able to push it. I sold something...
  10. DZwart

    Google Doodle

    Make sure you don't miss today's Google doodle - I think I'll make sure none of my characters has a red shirt tonight.
  11. DZwart

    GW1 problems

    So, last night I figured I should go back to GW1 to complete the Reverie quests and get my tormented weapon (got a staff, which is weapon# 14 in my HoM). However, I kept having this odd problem, none of the NPC's would talk to me right away. For some reason, walking up to them and pressing "F"...
  12. DZwart

    World Selection error

    I have it installed, get to the Initial Home World Select menu, pick "eternal grove" and get "Unable to complete operation. Please try again in a few minutes (Code=10:4:5:374&:101)" Anyone else have that problem and find a way around it? I guess I'll try later tonight, but was hoping to...
  13. DZwart

    What to work on next

    So, I've been starting to try to play a little more often after being nearly absent in-game for the last 6-12 months and longer from the forums. Over the Halloween Event, I finished survivor on my main character (Finally!) and can now proceed without fear of starting over. I have several...
  14. DZwart

    Prayer Request - ajmucha

    A friend (ajmucha) who was a member of one of our former alliance guilds asked me to repost this as a request for prayer. Please read here for the details: ajmucha's Fans for Christ forum post
  15. DZwart

    Minipet Trade Thread

    With the GW2 calculator out, I'm sure a lot of us are looking to fill up that Devotion monument with minipets. I'm sure many of us are bound to have duplicates. Post your list available for trade and what pets you want to trade them for on this thread. If you're just looking to sell one...
  16. DZwart

    prayer request

    I've been with my wife for the past few days at the hospital. The CT scan she had on Thursday found a mass on her ovary. Her surgery was postponed yesterday because they couldn't get a breathing tube in. They're hoping to do it today at 11am starting with a look down her throat to find out...
  17. DZwart

    22Jan10 - Gotcha day!

    I've shared in the past that my wife and I started down the path of expanding our family through adoption in late 2007. After meeting with a case worker at Bethany Christian Services, we decided to proceed with an international adoption to avoid the uncertainty and extended timeframe involved...
  18. DZwart

    Cape contest vote

    Thank you to everyone who posted entries and congratulations to our 3 finalists, please contact me about your finalist prize of 25 Trick or Treat bags OR Wintersday Gifts. Here are the finalists: Keero - link Prophet - link Raven - link Please vote for your favorite. The winner of the poll...
  19. DZwart

    [SoE]/[SOE] Semi-annual Cape Contest Official Entry Thread - Dec '09

    Yep, that's right, it's that time again. I didn't want to step on my successor's toes, so I didn't start this right away, but he gave me the green light to open a thread for design entries. We're still working out a few of the minor details like the timeline and prizes, but we want you to...
  20. DZwart

    Guild Leadership

    For some time now, I've not had as strong a presence in-game as I have in the past. The burden of leadership was one I carried gladly for some time, but this summer I found that I wasn't enjoying the game and found myself avoiding playing. I apologize for not giving the job the attention it...