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  1. Lloren

    Forums Updated

    Just wanted to say "Hello" and let you know that the forums have been updated to the latest security patch. Have a great day! :) John 14:15-16 “If you love me, keep my commands and I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper to be with you forever” ESV
  2. Lloren

    vBulletin Upgrade in TMinus 5 minutes

    So yeah...
  3. Lloren

    This has to exist, right?

    Deep thought for the day. Have you ever heard of a remote controlled car that looks like a boat? Basically a RC boat that works on land? Anyone ever heard of something like this?
  4. Lloren

    No we are not a Muslim site... Sorry

    We briefly were hacked this morning along with a few hundred other sites from a hacker who exploited a new vulnerability in vBulletin. Everything is restored and the hole used to get in has been plugged. Let me know if you see any oddities. God bless.
  5. Lloren

    Plants vs Zombies 2 - Review / Rant

    Anyone else out there play PvZ2 yet? (out on iOS devices only). It's free but there are lots of ads to try to get you to buy in-game upgrades. EA being greedy? A first? /snicker I loved the first series and this one has brought some interesting aspects to the gameplay. It's a bit...
  6. Lloren

    EVE Valkyrie Announcement

    CCP pushed out a tech demo of a new game they are working on. Looks amazing. Space combat. Check. This should have a poll attached to it. Do you believe this will ever actually come out?
  7. Lloren

    The Dispatch - New Worship Music

    I don't spam .... often... , but I really am enjoying this new worship group called "The Dispatch" out of Seattle. They spend a good deal of time thinking about the theology of the music rather than just the sound. Listen here. Read about...
  8. Lloren

    Up in my craw!

    Sometimes I read something that resonates so well in me I have to stand up and cheer. This really put a smile on my face and encouraged me today.... maybe it will you too.
  9. Lloren

    Important! Private Message Cleanup

    We have been having some issues with the private messaging system so we will be cleaning it up on Tuesday evening. What? All private messages older than 30 days will be removed from the system. Why? Performance and database issues with current private messages in the system. Who? That's...
  10. Lloren

    Clan Creation

    HotS is bringing clan capabilities. Honestly something that should have been there from day 1, but good nonetheless.
  11. Lloren

    Evidence of Salvation

    So this is a big topic and could go in a bunch of different directions, but the main question is this: What is defined as Biblical evidence for salvation? Other thoughts / questions related to this are: What is our role as Christians to identify this evidence? and most importantly, does my own...
  12. Lloren

    Wife Surgery

    My bride is going in for double knee surgery tomorrow. Praying for quick recovery and a successful surgery.
  13. Lloren

    Happy National Video Games Day!! Sept 12th Tek said he was giving away some great prizes!!! j/k But hey, Hallmark holiday!! :)
  14. Lloren

    Counterfeit Gods Yep, video embed works.
  15. Lloren


    Blizzard has a way of tracking who is taking screenshots and where they are coming from using watermarks in the client.
  16. Lloren

    Forums Software Upgrade

    The forums are now on vBulletin 4 from vBulletin 3. It's a big (as you can tell) change to the style of the forums. Over the next few weeks please take note of things you like and don't like or are missing and either post here or PM myself and Tek7. The theme is the out of the box...
  17. Lloren

    Insiders Movement

    Take a moment to read this: Where does the Bible land on this subject? What do you think? Does a believer need to culturally label themselves as a "Christian"?
  18. Lloren

    Heart of the Swam Battle Report
  19. Lloren

    Blizzard Battle.Net Hacked? Change your passwords.