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  1. SirThom

    The "What Did you Get for Christmas 2007" Thread

    Mmmyes! It's becoming something like a tradition now, isn't it? =) Feel free to post early gifts now... I'm assuming most of us will be receiving presents on Christmas Day, however. :)
  2. SirThom

    What musical instruments do you play?

    Post 'em! Oh, and models would be cool, too! =) ~ Acoustic guitar - Alvarez RD8 ~ Electric guitar - Fender Squier Stratocaster (arctic white) ~ Keyboard - Yamaha PSR-E303 ~ Bass guitar - Rickenbacker 4001C64 (I think... not sure what year it is though. probably from the 70's or 80's. I have...
  3. SirThom

    SirThom Out of Town, 11/9-11

    I'll be at the National Apologetics Conference in Charlotte, NC with some kids from my church. I should be back at the keys Monday at the latest. Stay classy.
  4. SirThom

    The Man of Many Hats

    Moderator's Note: Posts #1-5 moved from Wanting to start a TeamFortress 2 Chapter -Tek7 I'd be willing to [help] lead the chapter, as long as someone (or some people) can take over some of my other responsibilities.
  5. SirThom

    Name my song!

    After playing around with my new amp for a bit, I figured out a little song. I plan on adding bass and some synth to the song, and getting a better mix of it overall... but I have no clue what to call it! Take a listen, and then post ideas for a name. Here's the link...
  6. SirThom

    Facebook much?

    Well? Do you?
  7. SirThom

    PureFun: Crazy Ideas

    Hey peeps, I'm going to be devoting some time soon to improve PureFun. Throw out any suggestions, ideas (rational or crazy!)... whatever you want. I honestly want to hear how I can make PureFun better for people to use.
  8. SirThom


    Honestly, I think the game is sweet, albeit short (maybe three hours long). I'm looking forward to Valve releasing the Portal update for the SDK so we can start seeing some user-created chambers being pushed out. What do you guys think?
  9. SirThom

    Exploits of a Mom

    Yeah, I'm a geek. I thought this was funny: Source
  10. SirThom

    A Message from Tek

    Our beloved Founder and President passes along this important notice for the people of CGA and the related organizations:
  11. SirThom

    A Very Star Wars Last Supper

    Check it.
  12. SirThom

    100 DVD-Rs for $23.99 shipped @ Newegg

    Use promo code EMC814MERC04 to get 100 DVD-Rs for $23.99 and free 3-day shipping.
  13. SirThom

    Just how big is Alaska?

    Check here.
  14. SirThom

    Flyleaf's Self-titled for $4.97

    Grab it for $4.97 at Oh, and Wavorly's CD is excellent, too. :)
  15. SirThom

    Praise Team!

    I'm on the youth Praise Team at my church! w00t w00t! I'll be singing and/or playing acoustic guitar. *awesome* Here's our initial pool of songs. They gave all of us CDs and sheet music for these songs:
  16. SirThom

    What Happens When You Mock My God?

    I read this bulletin from a friend on myspace, and thought it was interesting. Note that I am not the author of this, nor do I know who it is.
  17. SirThom

    Full Downtime, August 13

    Members of CGA, Both the website and forums for the Christian Gamers Alliance will be offline for maintenance on Monday, August 13 beginning at 1:00 PM EDT (17:00Z). We currently plan to have the site offline only for one hour, but any unforeseen circumstances may shorten or lengthen that...
  18. SirThom

    Happy Birthday kraniac!

    The big 20.0! Happy Birthday, man! :)
  19. SirThom


    I thought I'd share this pic I took, as I think it's rather snazzy: It's a picture of the 44-channel soundboard at my church, which I ran this week for VBS. :D (uploaded via Flickr)
  20. SirThom

    After the World

    After the World, Disciple