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  1. Xaris

    Massive exploit! Thousands have used, SWTOR economy ruined, what will Bioware's do?

    It is assumed that this was done on most servers? Including ours? People with 500 million credits!!? So frustrating. Part of gaming in mmo's to me is to work towards the money and high end items. Now the question is lingering for me that if I end up making lots of credits or having a way to...
  2. Xaris

    Invincible dancing

    Check this out. Apparently dancing in SWTOR makes you invincible. I am not able to get on right now to confirm. Anyone else try this yet? edit: apparently Bioware is aware of this and is patching...
  3. Xaris

    Video games are not sinful, they're just stupid?

    Yea, I thought of that before I posted. I saw some similar type threads, but not quite the same, so I thought I'd still post it. edit: nvm i did find the old post. did not look back far enough.
  4. Xaris

    Video games are not sinful, they're just stupid?

    Hey all, First off, I love gaming. Been gaming since Atari days (anyone besides me actually played original pong?) nes, snes, n64, wii, playstation(s), xbox, xbox 360, PC rpgs, mmo's. I have invested a lot of money and time in video games. When I was a youth pastor, there were endless nights of...
  5. Xaris

    Who is (name here)?

    I'm John, married with 2 kids. I live in B.C, Canada, and am the Senior Pastor of our church. Like most of you I have played mmo's for years (L2, WoW, FFXI, FFXiv, GW, Aion, DCUO, Lotro, Rift). I love having a group of individuals who are like minded (christian) to game with. Love pvp. Not much...
  6. Xaris

    Old spice guy and Rift

    Saw this posted in mmorpg. Enjoy.
  7. Xaris

    Eluos Army 5 Star Officer!

    Ya, I mean to say I am aiming at the 50e pvp set not the 55. Plat medals are too hard to come by and you need a lot for the 55 set, whereas gold medals are only 1 mill a piece right now.
  8. Xaris

    Eluos Army 5 Star Officer!

    Hey guys, Pretty sure this is a legion first; I just recently broke through the top 100 Elyos on the server (presently 99) and became an Elyos Army 5-Star Officer. With this comes the ability to transform! I did nothing yesterday so I sure my rating will drop but hope to make that back up...
  9. Xaris

    Will be gone for the next week :) ...... Vaction!

  10. Xaris

    Back From Holidays

    I also share in Starrs confusion. Nonetheless welcome back and looking forward to playing with you more than the occasional hello in game.
  11. Xaris

    Will be gone for the next week :) ...... Vaction!

    Welcome back.
  12. Xaris

    Miragent HHOM

    So after 700 Boiling Balaur Blood and 120 Million Kinah I finally got my Hot Heart of Magic. What a pain! I am not sure how active the legion warehouse is (there is still stuff i put in there months ago), but a borrowed 25 million and 30 bloods, all of which I will return with in the week...
  13. Xaris

    Legion Group Night Discussion thread!

    Group nights. Great idea. 50+: Crucible, Eso, Udas, dredge? (55+ Besh? Don't think we have enough 55's yet but it would be nice to look into it one day as a legion and gear up there.) 50-: FT, Forts, Campaign help any level: AP grind
  14. Xaris

    Changing of the guard

    Sorry to see you go Chuck. It was nice meeting you before I left and was looking forward to reconnecting with many of The Elect like you when I came back. Take care and Lord bless. John
  15. Xaris


    Hey Josh, I as well have come back to Aion from Rift. I have been with The Elect on Siel since January 2010 and they have always had players on and helping one another. We group and help with quest's, mentoring. There are some of us on vent. Not sure what you mean exactly by active; as in...
  16. Xaris

    Just popping by

    Hey I am back in. Looked for a few of you but did not find anyone. Can I get an invite?
  17. Xaris

    Just popping by

    Hey all, Been a long time. How is everyone? I see Shawn moved on. He summarized the same reasons I left. I still miss playing Aion though. I did move onto Rift, leveled a 50 cleric, and left. The game was fun, but the pvp was lacking and crafting was pointless: two things that matter to me in a...
  18. Xaris

    Leveling as a Cleric, I dun even

    I also would highly suggest what tagtarsis is saying about the INQ. Once I figured this out I was hooked and never looked back. It even works great when a defiant thinks he is going to gank you with 5 mobs on you. Pop your soul drain and he is toast.
  19. Xaris

    Hey folks!

    Hello Mel, Before I say anything I must say that I am not going out of my way to engage in open world pvp. Most of the open world pvp I do right now is reactionary. From my personal experience the open world pvp really did not start bothering me until in my mid 40's in stillmoor. In stillmoor...
  20. Xaris

    WTB Advice on which class to go

    From what you say and what I see in game, the rouge sounds like it would be for you; stealth, heals, range. Thinking of rolling one myself.