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  1. Xaris

    Invincible dancing

    Check this out. Apparently dancing in SWTOR makes you invincible. I am not able to get on right now to confirm. Anyone else try this yet? edit: apparently Bioware is aware of this and is patching...
  2. Xaris

    Video games are not sinful, they're just stupid?

    Hey all, First off, I love gaming. Been gaming since Atari days (anyone besides me actually played original pong?) nes, snes, n64, wii, playstation(s), xbox, xbox 360, PC rpgs, mmo's. I have invested a lot of money and time in video games. When I was a youth pastor, there were endless nights of...
  3. Xaris

    Old spice guy and Rift

    Saw this posted in mmorpg. Enjoy.
  4. Xaris

    Eluos Army 5 Star Officer!

    Hey guys, Pretty sure this is a legion first; I just recently broke through the top 100 Elyos on the server (presently 99) and became an Elyos Army 5-Star Officer. With this comes the ability to transform! I did nothing yesterday so I sure my rating will drop but hope to make that back up...
  5. Xaris

    Miragent HHOM

    So after 700 Boiling Balaur Blood and 120 Million Kinah I finally got my Hot Heart of Magic. What a pain! I am not sure how active the legion warehouse is (there is still stuff i put in there months ago), but a borrowed 25 million and 30 bloods, all of which I will return with in the week...
  6. Xaris

    Just popping by

    Hey all, Been a long time. How is everyone? I see Shawn moved on. He summarized the same reasons I left. I still miss playing Aion though. I did move onto Rift, leveled a 50 cleric, and left. The game was fun, but the pvp was lacking and crafting was pointless: two things that matter to me in a...
  7. Xaris

    Thoughts on crafting

    In every mmo I've played, crafting was an important part for me. It seemed to add some depth to the game other than just questing. However, after playing Aion and hitting max crafting there, I'd though I'd lay off of crafting in Rift and just focus on gathering. But now I am getting the itch...
  8. Xaris

    World event phase one currency

    Hello everyone, I can not seem to find any concrete information on the following question: Will the sourcestone currency that we are using in phase one be carried over into phase two? Will the merchants still be there or do we need to spend our stones before phase 2? Will the same currency be...
  9. Xaris

    help gearing up please

    Looking for some advice from some of our higher leveled guys. re: gear. For those of you who prefer not to/ or do not have the attention span to read walls of text here is a summery: end game gear? - rift (planerite) or pvp (favor) or both? Or please read to understand my question: I most...
  10. Xaris


    Hello I am really toying with picking up Rift and would love to join y'all, however every time I check the shard status of Sunrest there seems to always be a queue. Not sure if I dig that. Time is tight and I would prefer to spend my time playing not waiting, as I am sure you would all agree...
  11. Xaris

    Good Bye

    My brothers and sisters in the Lord, It is with a sad heart that I am writing to tell you of my permanent absence from Aion. It was and is a great game, but it is time to move on. I enjoyed the many conversations, groups and instances. Thank you all who have prayed for me during my time with...
  12. Xaris

    what is church?

    So here I am Thursday morning in a local internet cafe after meeting with other pastors in my town, and I was thinking about the upcoming sermon series I am presently working on - The Chruch. And I got thinking, why not ask my brothers and sisters of the CGA what their thoughts and understanding...
  13. Xaris

    Your church

    Hello all, Here is a question I have for any who would like to answer: What denomination or non-denomination is your congregation? Why do you meet with those individuals? what do you like most about your congregation? What if anything do you wish were different?
  14. Xaris

    cloth armor comparison

    So I have been racking my brain trying to decide what is the best direction I should go for cloth armor for my sorc and SM. I found a great resource here. In the chart when it says deava armor it means the miragent set. Hope this helps.
  15. Xaris

    funny sig

    I have to post this. It was in someones signature on a gaming forum. "This lag is nothing! took Jesus 3 days to respawn." - Nitram Gave me a good laugh.
  16. Xaris

    Coming back

    Hey all! For those who remember, I was in a middle of a move to a new pastorate position in B.C (Canada) when I left a couple of months ago and was unsure if I'd have the time to continue to play once moved. Well it turns out I do have the time to get back into gaming and I am itching to get...
  17. Xaris

    Gil - To get an idea of where I am at

    This may seem like a weird question, but it will help me know if I need to change something economically for me in game - How much money you guys sitting on and are you geared appropriately for your level for each job? I am phys lvl 19 with Conj 12, Bot 12 and Weav 10 as my mains, the rest...
  18. Xaris

    Reviews of FFXIV and your thoughts?

    Reviews of FFXIV, at least here on the western side of the world, are poor. Gamespot, IGN, gamespy, gametrailers and others rate this game very low. There are however a couple of sites that rate the game 8 or above. I have not noticed it impact the game population, and most of you are still...
  19. Xaris

    Surplus/Fatigue hit me already?

    I need some help understanding this please. I have read all about fatigue so that I thought I understood it. I read the interviews Famitsu and the one on Zam with Komoto. In theory I should be able to play one job roughly a laid back 8 hrs before hitting the 0%threshold right? If I get...
  20. Xaris


    Does anyone know if there is a way to check on your retainer while not in game to see how the bazaar is going? I read on ffxivcore forum on a possible android app/iphone app.