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  1. DannyMeister

    Help a n00b out

    So, I just bought Minecraft Java Edition, after having played Bedrock on consoles for several years. I'd like to join our ToJ server and play with a few friends on PC. Given someone with no experience playing this game on PC, but familiar with Minecraft the game in general, any tips and setup...
  2. DannyMeister

    Script for pre-downloading all custom maps

    The sticky thread in this forum for pre-downloading maps does not have an up-to-date link for downloading the full pack. Downloading and unzipping one by one seemed like quite the chore, so I wrote a PowerShell...
  3. DannyMeister

    The future of Unreal Tournament

    After all these years of feeling that it was dead, we've finally got some official word. It's coming back!
  4. DannyMeister

    First Pentakill: Mundo!

    I've played since beta. A pentakill was a long time in coming, and it was with Mundo :D
  5. DannyMeister

    Spirit Guard Udyr

    So I had to download a patch today, which has no notes. Apparently I get to consume all that bandwidth for the single skin released today.... and an interactive comic book which is nothing but a huge advertisement for it. They sure went all-out trying to sell a skin. I guess they do need to...
  6. DannyMeister

    Urgent need of TS admin

    another round of foul mouthed anti-Christian trolls. I lost my admin rights when I rebuild my PC. Anyone around? I"m not seeing anybody on TS or Steam.
  7. DannyMeister

    Unreal Deal Pack

    Just in case there exists anyone out there that doesn't already have all the Unreal games, the pack is once again on sale on Steam in celebration of UT's 13th birthday. Grab ALL the Unreal titles for only $13.59, or UT3 for $6.79. There has been a new pack of maps released for UT3 as well...
  8. DannyMeister

    Community Bonus Pack 3 vol 5

    A new pack of UT3 maps that I've really been anticipating has been released this last weekend! I won't have enough time to get them on the server for this week, but go download and install them now in preparation for next week!
  9. DannyMeister

    Cliff Bleszinski Departs Epic It's sad to see CliffyB leave when he's been so influential in several of my favorite game series. I wonder what this does to the direction of the Unreal universe.
  10. DannyMeister

    Heart Break

    Some losses are hard to take. I finally had one of those really dominant Annie games that everyone else has, but never me. But we lost. The other team only had ONE good player, which was their Singed. Every one else was terrible. We got like 4 aces and killed Baron. They killed Baron and...
  11. DannyMeister

    Epic Shifting Focus Back to PC as Primary Platform,13235.html
  12. DannyMeister

    Dino D-Day free weekend

    The day I have long been waiting for! Dino D-Day is free to play this weekend!
  13. DannyMeister

    Tenacity vs Fiddlesticks

    This is a conversation started on Facebook. I suddenly remembered we have a forum for stuff like this :)
  14. DannyMeister

    It's finally here!

    I'm so glad we have a LoL chapter now! :D
  15. DannyMeister

    We knew something was up.

    MostlyHarmless is pure evil. Proof.
  16. DannyMeister

    Clarification: new units will likely be in the next expansion

    This is old news, Blizzard has said this since long before SC2's initial release, but there's been a rumor going around that the expansions won't add anything new to multiplayer.
  17. DannyMeister

    Congrats on the new chapter :)

    Hope you guys have lots of fun!
  18. DannyMeister

    The next Call of Duty game

    This is great. The character models have gotten so good that I suppose it might disturb some people now, so be warned.
  19. DannyMeister

    mustang88GT, I see you :)

    I've seen you lurking on the forum a few times. Come post here so we can get it approved and have you join our discussions!
  20. DannyMeister

    I bought it :(

    A moment of weakness. My birthday was coming up in a few days and I thought I should get myself this. But I forgot I'd already gotten myself something. I guess this means no Force Unleased 2 :( OK, time to be positive! See you guys ingame! :)