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  1. B-man

    Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Guide

    We are horde on Hyjal.
  2. B-man

    Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Guide

    Good luck to you guys in AQ20. All the bosses are pretty fun except general. Blizzard also added a nice mechanic to the instance where when you kill a boss all the trash mobs before that boss dont respawn so you dont have to deal with clearing trash most of the raid. As far as difficulty goes...
  3. B-man

    New Temporary Server

    Only if you are trying to ping the server or are trying to connect to it through console. I just added "" to my favorites and the server came up and I connected to it without any problems.
  4. B-man

    New Temporary Server

    port please :<
  5. B-man

    Wouldn't this be nice

    Seeing as im a shaman i had to make this >_>
  6. B-man

    This kid was asking for it.

    Uhhh no. His case is "I got mistreated and singled out by a teacher for liking something he doesnt." Why dont we take this same situation but change it around a bit. Say a student went into class wearing a shirt that said "jesus is Lord" and the teacher was wearing a shirt that said "Hail...
  7. B-man

    This kid was asking for it.

    How do YOU know he didnt study for his test? He brought it upon himself? For being a fan of a football team that his teacher doesnt like? Teachers are supposed to hold a high level of integrity and maturity and as far as im concerned when a teacher leaves his or her house every morning to go...
  8. B-man

    This kid was asking for it.

    That teacher should get fired. People shouldnt get singled out just because they like a certain sports team. Even if the teacher was joking around what he did was wrong, disrespectful and insulting.
  9. B-man


    big tip, bring greater fire protection pots with you =)
  10. B-man

    [SELL] Selling stuff

    there are 4 dvds. 3 of them are the series and the 4th is the movie
  11. B-man

    [SELL] Selling stuff

    Going to be selling some things and thought of asking people here first so here I go. Used Nintendo DS + 3 games: pacpix, feel the magic and advanced wars dual strike. $130 used limited edition halo X-box. Comes with splinter cell chaos theory, forza motorsport, otogi myth of...
  12. B-man

    What did YOU get for Christmas?

    lol I just got money. Which will probably be spent on PoP:TT and my WoW subscription. >_>
  13. B-man

    Atown on !

    i shave like...once ever 6 or 8 months and i have a full blown neck beard, side burns and mustache =\
  14. B-man

    Half-Life 2, Here I Come!

    have fun! :D
  15. B-man

    Atown on !

    your poor attempt at facial hair saddens me :<
  16. B-man

    2nd Semi-Annual Cape Design Contest

    Im in! Heres my design. I took 3 pics to show what colors I used for each thing. The broken sword represents sin. The light on top that is shining on the sword represents Jesus, God, etc. And from this light the sword can be reforged into a new sword clean of sin. =) On a side note, the...
  17. B-man

    Make Sunday a permanent group farming night?

    If I can finish the thuderhead keep mission today then I can join you guys with my Monk, Karena Lishen.
  18. B-man

    PvP Targeting info

    the spacebar
  19. B-man

    Doom 3

    Doom 3 was boring. >_>