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  1. ColdSteel

    free game from Origin- dead space. ends 5-8-14
  2. ColdSteel

    XBox 360 Black Ops 2X points this weekend

    6/10/11 It should start at Noon today Eastern. 10am PST. I'm not for sure if it's for the PS3 too. But I'd say it is. Also they are having a week of the map Nuketown 24/7 .. bloodbath for sure :)
  3. ColdSteel

    Crysis 2 demo 1.55 gig
  4. ColdSteel

    movie trailer. my daughter producer

    For anyone interested, on March 10th 2011 at Liberty University in Lynchburg Va. There will be the premier showing of "The Potiential Inside" red carpet event. I'll be there so if anyone decides to go, look me up. Here is their latest trailer. A Christian produced film...
  5. ColdSteel

    ut cheat out there

    xray gaming. A player just now demolished me on our server. I was testing my ping on a new router. (didn't help btw). sauna-cowboy was his nick. I know he say me everywhere i went. that was the only explanation it could have been. 22-0 I would spawn behind a box or wall and bullets would be...
  6. ColdSteel

    WinXdvd ripper for Free 2days left Mac&Windows versions
  7. ColdSteel

    New trailers are out for The Potiential Inside

    My daughter edited the trailers. This is a Christian based film. Enjoy!
  8. ColdSteel

    CGA Record -- Congrats

    Most users ever online was 185, June 30th, 2010 at 12:02 PM
  9. ColdSteel

    Prayer for my Mrs.

    Remember my true love Judy. With her ongoing 3 year breast cancer surviving she now has to have back surgery. Back in December last year she went down and has seen several doctors and done several weeks of physical therapy. Last Thursday she had a second back MRI and it showed severe back...
  10. ColdSteel


    A friend posted this on facebook. Have you noticed the recent increase in earthquakes? We know of Haiti, Chile, Baja, China (today) and a few others because of the magnitude and destruction/loss of human lives, but did you know that there have been 457 earthquakes around the world since...
  11. ColdSteel

    Modern Warfare 2 free weekend on Steam

    free preview weekend on Steam if anyone is interested. I'm downloading now.
  12. ColdSteel

    Free Software. DVD ripper.

    100% free, not pirated. enjoy friends.. at least while it lasts. Go here: and download the dvd ripper ultimate version. 65AA53C7-87BF-4B00-BA675-5B85-F53D-456B user: whatever name you want to put it that slot.. Came from deal of the day...
  13. ColdSteel

    Free Flow Game PS3 today only.Feb 13 until 9pmPST

    Playstation Network is offering a free download of the FLOW (PS3) video game through 9pm PST on 2/13/2010. You will need to log into your Playstation Network account to download it
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    free hd video converter until Dec 16th
  15. ColdSteel

    Daughters movie trailer debut

    She edited the following movie trailer and the upcoming movie.
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    Windows 7 upgrade $30 valid student email address required
  17. ColdSteel

    Unreal Tournament 3 free weekend. preload
  18. ColdSteel

    $5 games Bioshock and more. ends 9/22

    Direct 2 Drive games are available All games are only $5!!!!!! Sid Meier's Pirates BioShock The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Saints Row 2 MLB 2k9 MLB Front Office Manager Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl Thief...
  19. ColdSteel

    SuperCar Challenge Beta Key- Hurry get a Key
  20. ColdSteel

    Americas got talent. A++ Kevin Skinner

    This young man (old to some) ,35, is extremely talented. He has captured my vote. Just a good ol country boy from the heart.