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  1. Baron Squirrel

    I'm back!

    I finally got Windows installed on my laptop, so I can play Guild Wars again! that, and i'm not quite as busy with school, at least for the next week. so... what's happened in the last 4 months?
  2. Baron Squirrel

    Happy Birthday, Fearless Leader!

    It's DZwart's birthday! Happy Birthday! (honestly, you people must not be awake or something... only his wife's posted anything on Facebook....)
  3. Baron Squirrel

    so much for Psystar/OpenMac

    linky Long story short, Apple's suing the Mac Clone maker.
  4. Baron Squirrel

    MaidMirawyn's Birthday!

    Both the forums and Facebook can't be wrong...(ok, so maybe it's a conspiracy) Happy Birthday!
  5. Baron Squirrel

    Firefox 3?

    so... just installed FF3... not sure i see that much difference besides some eye-candy, and the address bar drop-down's different. what do the rest of y'all think? (p.s. i'm surprised no one else has posted on this)
  6. Baron Squirrel

    Tech Support Killed My Comp!

    no, really. My brother plays City of Heroes, so i downloaded it to use one of the trial keys i got with GW to play with him. (he's in Maryland, haven't seen him since Thanksgiving) load up the game, after the 5 hour download:eek:, and it says my video card isn't supported, which it should...
  7. Baron Squirrel


    i'm having some kind of (i guess) video issue with GW. at random times, the screen will completely freeze, but the game will keep running. i can 'interact' with the game, but about all i'm really able to do is minimize or close the game. if i minimize, it makes my secondary monitor the primary...
  8. Baron Squirrel

    sdenotter's legal!

    today is sdenotter's 18th bday!!!!! congrats, you can vote now!
  9. Baron Squirrel

    hey, baby!

    so... my wife's being induced on Friday, if nothing happens before then... i'm about to be a daddy!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!one!!!!!!!!! just a little excited....
  10. Baron Squirrel

    It's A ____!

    ok, for those of you who don't know... my wife is pregnant. so... tomorrow, we go to find out the gender of our child. any bets? i'd say i'd give something to those lucky enough to guess correctly... but i've got nothing to give. can't even give something in game, cause i'm still borrowing...
  11. Baron Squirrel


    in less than two weeks... as in 12 days and counting... i'm getting married. the biggest problem right now is that i don't have a job. i've got a few leads, but nothing solid. i/we really need prayers on this. much thanks.
  12. Baron Squirrel

    ok, ok, all right, all ready.

    first, i would like to say thanks to all of you who prayed for me with the request of my previous post, which ties directly into this. second, i know i haven't been in game much recently, but i have had absolutely no time to, due to working evenings and driving to see my girlfriend, and church...
  13. Baron Squirrel

    prayers, please.

    read more here. thank you.
  14. Baron Squirrel


    i wish i could be more specific, but as of right now, i can't. i have a major decision right now that hinges on something happening or not. honestly, i would rather this thing not happen, but if it is God's will, i just ask that He will let me know what i need to do.
  15. Baron Squirrel

    prayer need.

    I've already posted this in the prayer forum, but there's people who don't escape this place, so i'm reposting here: my girlfriend's aunt, who's been battling cancer for about 2 years, has gone back into the hospital as of today. i'm not certain how serious it is, but i'll update as soon as i...
  16. Baron Squirrel


    my girlfriend's aunt, who's been battling cancer for about 2 years, has gone back into the hospital as of today. i'm not certain how serious it is, but i'll update as soon as i can. much prayer has already been offered, but you can't get enough.
  17. Baron Squirrel

    I'M BACK!

    after being inactive for two months plus some, i'm back! i just hope i'm still in the guild....:o
  18. Baron Squirrel

    you know you've been gone for a while....

    when you have to go through 7 pages of threads to find one you've read. oy. anyways... summer camp's going awesome, God's doing great things in lots of people's lives, counselors as well as kids.
  19. Baron Squirrel

    see ya in august....

    As of tomorrow afternoon, I will be for the most part inactive, due to the fact that I'll be working at a church camp June and July. I'll try to get home and log in every now and then, but i'm not sure how often that will be. till then, God Bless. Chris
  20. Baron Squirrel

    prayer for friend

    there is a man in my friend's house that is threatening suicide, i'm not certain how many people will get this at this time of night, but they all need as much prayer as possible right now. Chris