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  1. Manyik

    Guild Bank Update 06/21/13

    I'm a simple girl and don't need a fancy sword, just one that hits hard. What blueprint would you guys like? Queen Kel
  2. Manyik

    Guild Bank Update 06/21/13

    Are there any request for the bank? I don't PVP but thanks to the new achievement boxes have many "badges of honor" that I can turn into blueprint and put in the bank for you guys. Any you would like or thought on something else I could do with them to benefit the guild? Queen Kel
  3. Manyik

    WvW Events - Thursday 9PM EST, Saturday 2PM EST, Mesmers wanted!

    Have a mesmer but haven't unlocked the portal spell. Will that be a problem? Kel
  4. Manyik

    Guild Event - World vs. World for Newbies - Thursday, Oct 04, 9 EST/6 PST

    Great idea guys. Hope you had fun. Any chance we could try one on a Sat afternoon? I'm temped to try but that night doesn't work for me. Kel
  5. Manyik

    First Ever LoE Emblem Contest!

    Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Queen Kel
  6. Manyik

    LoE League of Crafters

    Keladry has tailoring at 63 and jewelry a 141 MikeJ has leather worker 36 and weapon smith 55 Rho has huntsman 70, armorsmith 102, and artificer 119 Servant has chef 157 With the right ingreadients and someone to use the stuf we would be happy to lvl higher. If there is anything we can make...
  7. Manyik

    Hackers out in full

    Thanks for all the discussion. I didn't so much as need an answer as wanted to open the talk. What is valuable to one person is junk to another. As far as tax goes, money goes quickly on a new toon but I hope not to be broke for ever. I never mind helping the guild out but on the other hand...
  8. Manyik

    Hackers out in full

    What should we have in the GB? It's so small for such a big group. I would have thought that it would be a good place for crafted stuff but the food has been sitting there with no takers for days. Low lvl stuff is cheap and easy to find on your own but the high lvl stuff will be out of reach for...
  9. Manyik

    The story of the traveling Stc

    Have a great time. We will miss you. Queen Kel
  10. Manyik


    When I was a little girl and would go shopping with mom I constantly tried to convince her that bagels were healthy for me. I had a speak about how they were tough to chew and helped my teeth grow strong. I think she gave in a few times just because my earnestness was so cute. Queen Kel
  11. Manyik

    Word Association GW2 version

    bar keep
  12. Manyik

    Crafting materials

    The guild bank is open. I tossed in a few lvl 15 earrings myself. I am tailoring and jewelry but am trying not to make what cant be used right away since I only have so much space. If anyone needs anything let me know. Silver and wool are the top of my collecting list these days and stones are...
  13. Manyik

    Initial Feedback

    Played - kicked off - played a lot more!!!! So happy it's here and what I am doingis isn't going to be wiped again! Still had problems staying in a party when we would map and with the mail. Hope it is all worked out soon. Kel
  14. Manyik

    crafted armor pictures

    Weird but I thing the dungeon armor is all previewing the HoM armor in this stress test.
  15. Manyik

    crafted armor pictures

    I am making a Sylvari with green skin just for that reason :-) Ok, "No idea" was a bit over the top but the pictures are just concept art, not the really thing and the female light armor is a Asuran and they don't give you a clue what it will look like on other races. Queen Kel
  16. Manyik

    crafted armor pictures

    Being a girl who doesn't like to see her toons running around in a bikini or stripper clothes this is very frustrating for me. I think I will craft jewelry and store everything else until there are pictures. The HoM armor is another sore spot for me. I have seen some heavy armor examples but...
  17. Manyik

    crafted armor pictures

    Ok I have found videos and pictures of dungeon and cultural armor but nothing on what you can craft or more importantly how it looks on the different races. :( Does anyone know of any guides out there? Queen Kel
  18. Manyik

    Last minute items to reach 30.

    What's your in-game name? I lost track and got on an hour late, sorry. Paranormal Keladry in the SoE guild is who has the stuff
  19. Manyik


    we had to buy 4 copies of GW2 one each for me, the wife, popcorn, and Mike, Oh and yeah the neighbor (kel's firend) bought her own account also. That's Awesome. playing with faimly is as good as it gets