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  1. Whon

    The Division 20% off code

    If anyone has a desire to play The Division, I received an email with a 20% off code from Green Man Gaming. ...Linky Linky... If link doesn't work for anyone the code is "DIV20" check it out, I'm still an earlier level ingame. Uplay name "whon54"
  2. Whon

    Whon's Schedule

    So I found out at work today that my nieces Christmas concert is tonight... needless to say I put family before gaming so I'll not be around tonight. While I'm posting I will not be play next week either as it's my girlfriends daughters Christmas concert.. I should be back in 2 weeks but I'll...
  3. Whon

    The State of Left 4 Dead 2

    So as few/many know our game night attendance has been dwindling down... we've had a good run with the game, but new games will always take time away from the old ones. With that being said I would like to know everyone opinions about closing the L4D2 server so the donations could be used...
  4. Whon

    Whon not going to play tonight... 11/15

    I've scheduled the event reminder to go off, but I have an overnight stay with my youth group tomorrow that I'm still prepping for. So, I will not be in game tonight. Hopefully there will still be a few to play a game if not I apologize for not being there. Side note, as everyone should be...
  5. Whon

    Left 4 Dead Thursday 11/1/12

    So since it will be the day after Halloween I'm feeling a little Haunted Forest action so make sure you have it downloaded and installed by Thursday's game night.
  6. Whon

    This week in L4D2

    So I'm still going to be scheduling Left 4 Dead 2 tonight, but after banging up my knee some how at work today... it's clear to me that sitting at a desk for a long period of time isn't going to be good for me. So, I'm going to be opting out for the night... hope everyone still has a good time.
  7. Whon

    Assassin's Creed 3 will be able to be played offline

    But time Ubisoft re-evaluates it'd DRM policies....
  8. Whon

    Custom Campaign for 8/16/12

    So it's long over due, but we will be visiting the world of Minecraft this week in Left 4 Dead 2. So go download Deathcraft II and be ready this Thursday for some 8-bit apocalyptic mayhem.
  9. Whon

    This Weeks L4D Thursday

    So, I'm going to postpone this weeks custom for 1 wk. My Grandmother passed away this morning (She had a very advance auto-immune disease) and I will not be around this Thursday for game night.
  10. Whon

    Custom Campaign for 7/26/12

    This week we are revisiting Death Aboard 2 So make sure you have the latest addon file so we are all ready to go next Thursday
  11. Whon

    Babel uprising...

    I just recieved an email with a video about this game. After watching it, I have concerns about such a game where you not only play god, but our God. Anyone else have some opinions? I'd link it, but that takes too much work on my smartphone.
  12. Whon

    Weekly Left 4 Dead Poll

    So, with myself working with my local church's youth group on Wednesday nights, and other member(s) having events going on Wednesday nights, I'm open to the idea of moving our weekly game night to a better fitting evening. I'm not adding Monday or Tuesday as ToJ already have events that go on...
  13. Whon

    Custom Campaign for 5/30

    This coming week I'd like to try out Precinct 84. Looks pretty good and should be a fun one. So please download the campaign and have it ready for this next Wednesday's Left 4 Dead night.
  14. Whon

    Late notice Map for this week.

    I know a lot may not get this in time, but most don't check the forums anyway. So, if you have time download Diescraper Redux and hopefully we can get enough for a VS or Coop.
  15. Whon

    This week in L4D2

    This week it my last session of my local youth group for the summer, and it will be a longer meeting, so I know I won't be there this week, but I may go for some L4D2 on Thursday or the weekend, and I'll be back next Wednesday.
  16. Whon

    This weeks L4D Wednesday 4/18

    There is a good chance I'm not going to make it this week. I'm sitting-in my local church's middle school youth group. Starting to get a feel for if I want to work with the middle school age or high school... we'll see. I'll still be scheduling the event and the server should be working...
  17. Whon

    Silent hill campaign signup

    So I'd like to try Silent Hill out, it's a co-op and 7 levels long.... I think we may need to play it on an of night day. So post if you are interested and when you would like to try to play it. Myself I think that mid late afternoon on a Weekend day would give me ample time to complete this...
  18. Whon

    L4D for 4/4 Co-op

    So my first thought was for us to play silent hill 2 but that's 7 maps long and I don't think we have time in a typical Wednesday to complete that... so we'll try out Warcelona and get a feel for it Download and kill some crazy infected...
  19. Whon

    L4D for 3/7

    I think it's time for some custom campaigns again. Thought this one looked good, I guess we'll find out this next Wednesday. Dead Series Make sure if at all possible you have the map downloaded and installed before 8:00 PM Wednesday, so we all can get started on time
  20. Whon

    L4D for 2/8

    There is a good chance that I will not be around tonight for lead the game. A family emergency came up last night and I will most likely be out of town visiting my uncle. I've still made a event reminder for tonight, but I would hope that someone else could create the lobby and kick things...