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    Minipets for sale!

    All, I have my 50 minipets but I still have several undedicated minipets that I am willing to sell to alliance members at a decent price if anyone needs them. Year-4 Kveldulf (20k obo) year-3 Forrest Minotaur (10k obo) year-2 Hydra (5k obo) If anyone wants them, drop me an email or yahoo...
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    PvP unwritten laws??

    Ok, first of all you need to understand that I mostly play PvE for casual relaxation after a hard day of writing code. So I had no Idea that there was some kind of unwritten code of ethics to play by in PvP... So I played about a hundred rounds before I found a good build that will allow me...
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    Windows 7 x64 Video Problems

    Has anyone else experienced video choppiness and/or lockups while running under windows 7pro x64? I never had any problems with my current hardware on XP(sp3) until I switched to 7x64 a several months ago. Basically what happens is I will be walking along and all of a sudden the entire...