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    i got bored so decided to pub, and i remember hearing the server reopened recently, so decided to hop a visit. seems like my explanation with the interp didn't go through well. well aside from a little instable ping issue it seemed fairly fine, besides interp being locked at 0.1 to...
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    Trouble just doesn't leave me alone X(

    Got me a new computer a few weeks ago, and we're all happy, my sister has a better machine and i got me a crazy power house built and ready, and boom the old computer stops working. *bangs head on the wall* Problem, is that the Monitor doesn't receive any signals from the machine at all...
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    Dust that CD up, lets get a game goin

    Just recently got my CD up again and boy its fun massing marines medics tanks goliaths and stuff. Good break from blowing ppl's head up all day. If theres enough interest lets get a game going? Posting this since the bottom topic seemed to have lost interest.
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    Another problem..

    I was finalizing stuff and I ran into another problem. For some reason Windows cannot initialize the soundcard (onboard). I've checked the bios and it's enabled, theres no other soundcard installed. Any suggestions? :s
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    Serial ATA

    Got a question, I'm building a computer for a family in my church, and they were interested in serial ATA HDDs, and I purchased them to use them in the computer, but the problem is that i've never used/installed a serial ATA HDD before. Do I need any before-installation warnings/look-outs? It...
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    Age of Empires 3 out, just for some rts freaks.
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    Server title..

    Just a note, the server title says its Tribe of Judah:Christian CS 1.6 [Temporary]. Why on earth would u put Temporary in the server name? No offense but that's just getting the players off the server. If I had no idea what ToJ was, and I was just a pubber and was looking for a server, and I...
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    Some problems...

    Don't know what's going on with my computer. CS froze, so i tried opening the Taskmanager to manually close it. Well the problem with that is Taskmanager wouldn't come out.. so I rebooted the machine, and it still won't come out. Not only that cmd, and various other important stuffs won't run or...
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    FPS problem

    This is really getting old, I've practically tried everything of my knowledge, and nothign worked, I'm hoping to find a solution through CGA techs. Heres my full system specs. Asus P4C-800 i875 motherb. Intel p4 2.0ghz (OC'd at 2.4) 400fsb Samsung 512 DDR 333 RAM ATI Radeon 9600 XT...
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    Not really sure how to start this, but here it goes.. I believe it was 2 1/2 years ago when I fully became a member of ToJ, that was of course when i bearly had any knowledge of CS, guns, aiming, and what not. You could probably call me a noob back then and I probably would have agreed...
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    OK OK i know choppy and i've thrown up some crazy amount of map- complain threads but instead of a complaint i'll just explain problems to you guys on this map so admins can decide. 1. THE GLITCH Theres a horrible glitch in assault_upc where in hostage room you can boost over which will get...
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    Server starting to go haywire :S

    time is 5:30 PST 3/22/05, i'm getting massive flush entity packets and choke rates just went over the line.. i mean, de_storm and 90 choke at 30updaterate. and nothing will hit. maybe something wrong?
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    The main server, when we type "nextmap" or "say nextmap" then it shows the next map in rotatino, but instead goes to some weird maps like assualt_upc or de_storm and such. It gets a bit annoying and thought u guys may want a headsup on it.
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    CS Rates

    Perhaps someone can pin (sticky) this Playing On-line CS, your actions and play-style can depend on variety of facts. There are commands you can use through the console that can alter the game play of CS. By that, i mean registration, lag, choke, loss, and many more. I'll go over one by one...
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    Server Interp rates

    Could you guys please unlock the ex_interp value in ToJ? I believe you can set it up through HLGuard. It'd be highly appreciated. You may still think this is an anti-cheating thing, but the "bug" from 1.5 is fixed, you have nothing to worry about. please allow the client-side ex_interp please.
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    Error verifying steam user ticket?

    Er... Just thought i'd hop in to the server and i get this error. Is anyone getting this also? seeing there are only like 2 ppl in the server. This better not be steambans' doings... edit: i just checked my steamid on steambans, its not that. Something is blocking certain users from joining...
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    Prayer request

    I've just had a surgery to take it out. All 4 teeth. I'm done fine, but the pain is starting to grow. Please pray for my quick recovery. I basically can't eat anything hard for couple days.
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    Chrono Trigger Remake

    I heard there was a chrono trigger remake project going around, so i decided to google it, and it's true. Same story line i think, but this one's in 3D, using Unreal Tournament 2005 technology. it looks pretty sweet. new sound too.
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    S.A.'s Poll spamming

    I remember simliar to my poll was created one someone like Crazy_legs spammed, well?
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    Saying Goodbye

    I am now official out of ToJ. I have contacted Tek7 already about this. (please note this has nothing to do with Hatred, sD incidence or any other personal things to ToJ.) I have left ToJ, but I'm carrying all the memories with me. The first day i got on cs, when rizz slew me for no reason in...